The Spiritual Path

Learn the languaging for and understand the experiences of the journey as you contract, expand, grow, and become in alignment with your SELF and self. Come into more and more of the space of the compassionate heart: speaking and acting from the heart is a key part of the journey towards embodying all that you are and all that you will become.

Learn to tune into yourself and all of your intuitive capabilities for discernment, healing, and expansion. Learn how to connect to Divine Source, Mother Earth, and universal energies for self healing as you transition through change and cycles of expansion and contraction.

I teach many modalities to include Reiki; Light Work; meditation; symbology; crystal therapy; chakras, aura, color and frequency healing, subtle energies, spirit guides, ancestral and past life healing, and journeying within and without.

If you are seeking help with your spiritual awakening or path to overcome blocks, to heal, and to more deeply understand the core influences of higher SELF (soul), mind, body, and emotions on your life and the sum total of your experiences, you can receive spiritual mentoring to assist you to understand and enlighten your being, your vibration, your consciousness and to tune into yourself for more awareness, insight, and ease and to release suffering and blocks to allow freedom, growth, and deeper and higher levels of consciousness.

Each and every person contains unimaginable power and potential. Learn to attune to yours.

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You can contact me for a free 15-minute consultation, and you can sign up for the spiritual mentoring package located on the services page.

I also offer classes that help you to tune into yourself and all that is for a richer and deeper connection and understanding of energy, matter, consciousness, and awareness that include a wide variety of practices for healing and growth.

In each class you delve into yourself through many “hands on” practices and learn a plethora of ways to deeply engage with your own spirituality for more clarity, ease, understanding, grounding, centering, balancing, and self healing.

These classes are held at various locations throughout the year and some are on-line. We had an amazing FLOW Workshop. We will be adding more workshops. Stay tuned!

Learn more about Reiki as the spiritual gateway into the possibilities of you, attune to the power of Reiki transforming all your relationships, including the one to you. I am currently focusing on adding some new workshops and will be hosting Reiki classes in the future.

Downloadable classes help you understand the primary and secondary chakras, the aura (life versus emotional layer), color, vibration, pipes, cords, and connectors, and guided practices for self healing and for meditation to connect to yourself and your energy.

Healing Sessions and Guided Meditation Journeys

Receive deep healing and transformation in energy sessions for ancestral line, past life, and chakra and aura healing. Guided meditations for past life and shamanic journeys connect you  deeply to your inner state and to your guides for awareness and change.

Learning to release, heal, and empower yourself into transcendence is the journey and adventure of a lifetime . . . and perhaps many more.

Compassion, acceptance, and surrender are paths to transcendence, love, and peace as you become more conscious of the power of unconditional Divine Light and Love as well as all that is within and without.

Pranic Reiki™ is a gift and blessing. This new type of Reiki was founded by Ash Marshall-O’Dell. Pranic Reiki™ aids the prana, chakra, and kundalini systems to heal towards greater clarity, balance, and alignment for better & better well being as you undergo greater and greater spiritual integration of Divine Source and the Divine Goddess within the sum total of your experience – mind, body, & spirit.

Pranic Reiki™ balances and harmonizes core influences of air, fire, water, and earth within. It is LOVE between upper and lower Divine Spiritual energies as well as masculine and feminine energies within each of us. Pranic Reiki™ works on ancestral, karmic, past life, and current life issues for healing, ancestral line clearing, and karmic balance. Move forward with more ease, insight, clarity, & alignment with Spirit.

The Attune to You Podcast releases every second and fourth Thursday.

Join me as we delve into the intersection of energy, matter, reality, and the infinite possibilities of you. Metaphysics, science, philosophy, anatomy and physiology, history, psychology, sociology, culture, and more. The Attune to You Podcast delves into the interrelatedness of human beings to all that is within and without as we connect to new perspectives, possibilities, cycles, energy, matter, and the capabilities of all human beings to become more.





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