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Transcend Self Classes & On-line Community

4 Video Class Series + On-line Community: $20

Learning and developing tools, awareness, and coping strategies for stress and anxiety.

Collectively, we have all been actively managing a huge increase in stress and anxiety. Michele Hislop and I have collaborated to create a class dedicated to helping people navigate the end of 2020 and leap into the upcoming year more balanced, grounded, and clear. This online educational platform and private community will help you build a more resilient relationship within yourself.

Classes & Community:

  • Body systems – connect with yourself to bring peace, awareness, and calm
  • Mind, thoughts, and emotions – understanding & self-compassion
  • Purpose & presence – increase authentic positivity
  • The practice: learn tools and strategies for stress & anxiety
  • On-line support in a private community

This program helps you:

  • Create and deepen self-compassion
  • Develop greater self-acceptance
  • Grow healthier relationships
  • Improve mindfulness
  • Experience a deeper body~mind connection for enhanced well-being


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