About three years ago I wasn’t doing well. I was exhausted, in pain mentally, physically, and emotionally. I had researched and used every means available to me in Western medicine, but none of it was really working for me. I felt most of the time that my body actually hated me. I was stuck with no more traditional medical paths to explore.

So, I began to research and to examine alternative healing modalities. Prior to beginning this journey, I knew nothing about energy medicine, and the most unorthodox treatments that I had tried were chiropractic and acupuncture.

Then, I walked into this crystal shop with a group of ladies for fun and was immediately drawn to some crystals. I knew nothing about crystals, but that night I strongly felt that I needed to place them on my body. I had no idea what I was really doing or what was going on; however, that night I experienced a profound change in my energy. I literally felt the energy moving through my body.

I began to research more and more, trying to understand what made absolutely no logical sense to me. That night was the beginning of my journey into energy medicine.

A year later I read about Reiki and found two teachers, who gave me my first Reiki attunement. Again, I experienced another profound shift in my energy. I gave Reiki to myself daily for a full year often using crystals, too. I received my second and third attunements a year later, combining Reiki with the crystals to heal myself at home.

My results were amazing, but I still didn’t really understand. So, I turned to physics, specifically quantum physics to try to figure it all out. Quantum physics actually explained it so perfectly. Everything is vibrating energy – the ground, the air, buildings, and our bodies. The energy is within us and without. Reiki and crystals are simply tools to tap into this energy to help us with our own healing journeys.

I began first to practice Reiki on my family members and friends. Then, I set up a practice because it works. I wanted to share healing with others and to share with them the science behind energy medicine. To that end I offer Reiki, crystal, essential oil, and energy workshops.

Education and empowerment are key in finding out what works for each individual. For me it is energy medicine, Reiki, crystals, MELT, essential oils, and art.  For others, it might be acupuncture, Qi Gong, or sound healing, just to name a few.

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