Crystal Calm

Keep you, your family, and your home clean and clear so positive energy can keep flowing, and you can feel calmer.

In our homes, at work, in our cars, and in our own heads, we often have a lot going on: work, family issues, drama, and a plethora of other things that keep us and our energy spinning in harmful patterns that affect how we feel in our bodies, with our family members, and in our space.

When we have all of these upsetting thoughts and emotions, or stressors, we often feel as if we are all running round and round in our heads with thoughts that trigger our bodies until we reach the snapping point. Sometimes, it feels as if our bodies are literally vibrating and that we are going to come apart if just one more thing happens.

However, when we are feeling calm and peaceful, our moods are mellow, our bodies and minds are relaxed, and we have more availability and resources to deal with those unexpected issues that always crop up in day to day life.

We can help create and maintain a calmer and much more peaceful atmosphere by placing crystals in certain locations. Choose a room or rooms that are most often used or that have a lot of stressors, such as home office, den, or dining room. Place a good quality crystal on your fireplace mantel, on or in front of your computer, on bedside tables, the kitchen table,  and/or by the front door.

There are crystals that are really great for cleaning up negative and neutral energies while releasing positive energy that can make a big difference in how you and your home feel. Try Amethyst, Blue-Grey Celestite, green Diopside, Healer’s Gold quart, or Selenite.

Amethyst is an ideal crystal for helping keep a space clear and to balance your energies – and who doesn’t need more balance.

Blue or Blue-Grey Celestite gently uplifts your energy while clearing a room of negative energy, helping you feel more centered.

Green Diopside is a great stone for soothing and excellent for relaxation and stress relief.

Healer’s Gold Quartz offers an overall sense of well-being and comfort in the body. Sleeping with the stone on your bedside table can provide relaxation physically and biomagnetic energy field restoration while you sleep. It also blocks negative energies.

Selenite is a wonderful energy cleanser for any space. It pulls in negative energies while releasing calm and peaceful vibrations. It comes in a variety of forms – log, plate, columnar, spiral, flat ovals, and cylindrical. Just make sure you don’t put your selenite in water because it will dissolve.

Keep your crystals functioning optimally by periodically cleaning them in Epsom salt and charging them in the sun or moonlight. Every three weeks or so is a good estimate as to how often to clean your crystals.

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