Womb: the Sacred Site of Creativity

The womb resides not only in the physical, woman’s body, but in the Divine Spirit of humankind – the sacred site of creation energy that lies within the sacral chakra. The push and pull of change, the waxing and waning of the moon, and the flow of cosmic energies affect the internal workings of us all.

The Divine Feminine, receiving, intuition, feelings of not only body sensations but emotional resonance, and the internal movement within, comprise the dance between energy and matter. When guided by clear sight and the will to action, yet unhindered by limiting beliefs, our feminine intuition guides us forth toward right action that is best served by relaxed and aligned body, mind, and emotions. It is the guiding power and the light of divine inspiration that fills the sacred womb of creativity and leads to the birth of dreams and desires in form: art, poetry, inventions, and stories that allow us to connect, transmute, transform, and transcend not only the self but society and culture as well.

Connecting emotions to concepts creates meaning, shifts perspective, and clears the way for introspection and insight. We resonate with life differently when we are open to possibilities. We are available and perceive more joy, gratitude, and curiosity. Deeper and more expanded meaning provides far richer lives and uplifts and transports us into new ways of being. Embracing Divine Feminine – receptivity to new experiences within and without – begs the question:

What’s possible?  

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