LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 6, Pt. 2

Hmmm – Thought Food

Plato wrote: “Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.” 

Growing up, I made many a pros and cons list, laboriously pouring over each side of that dividing line, tallying the the pros and cons, valuing each pro and con on a “point system,” and following up with if/then scenarios that made my head ache, and the decision just as hard as when I began because I still felt conflicted about the choice. Feelings and intuition were dismissed as well as desires in a lot of my decisions, especially the big ticket ones, like jobs, house-hunting, and car buying.

God help you if you mention intuition. You might get a blank look or called a weirdo. 

Case in point: My husband and I bought a used class c motorhome, discovering a leak that winter. In the spring my husband painstakingly and back breakingly fixed it, pulling the entire cab off. We had it professionally primed and painted. Then, Jeff tested it to make sure it was fully sealed by spraying it with the hose for a good fifteen minutes. Okay, good to go so we thought, but a few days later a driving night of rain disproved our good to go. There was about a quarter cup of water in the nose of the cab. 

We purposely didn’t finish the interior of the cab so we could make 100% sure it was right and tight. Really annoyed, Jeff asked what I thought. Well, I don’t know jack about cars. What I do know is how to follow energy. So, I scanned the cab and found tiny holes around two of the lights on the front top of the cab. When I told Jeff, he of course, scoffed.

I was, of course, like, “Okay. That’s what I am getting.” 

He did redo the caulking around the lights and no more leaks. He thanked me. 

I magnanimously replied, “I’m just glad it isn’t leaking anymore.” 

On the inside I mentally stuck my tongue out at him. 

I have certainly been taken to task for my inability to succinctly and concretely back up my choices with logical reasons for why I do or do not choose something; often being told, “That makes no sense.”  

That type of response italicized, bolded, and highlighted the deep distrust that I had been taught to have for my own “feelings.” And doesn’t that suck because what everyone was actually implying is that I shouldn’t trust myself and my intuition.

Please don’t get me wrong, logic is very valuable, but intuition and feelings are usually just as important as those concrete reasons. 

My body feelings are amazing deciders of good and bad choices. Listening to my body more and more and discovering the way my body communicated with me from a gut standpoint (intuition), not just my logical mind, but to that truly still place inside myself, I came to a realization. The way forward is so much easier, clearer, and faster with far fewer regrets when I factor in my intuition.

How does a person/place/thing/situation make me feel? When I think about this person, place, thing, . . .

  • Do I feel disconnected from myself, like my head’s floating? 
  • Does my throat tighten? 
  • Does my chest feel compressed or like I can’t take a deep breath? 
  • Does my core tighten hard? 
  • Does my stomach drop? 
  • Do I get sick to my stomach? 
  • Do my legs and feet want to step back, run away, or not move (deer/headlights freeze)? 

If I get a yes to any of those questions, I don’t write it off. More often than not, those not so good feelings about someone or something have proven out.

Paying attention to my body: feeling grounded and centered, and feeling my body wanting to move towards a person, situation, place, or thing have resulted in wonderful outcomes and decisions that resonate with me.

Tune Into You

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