LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 9, Pt. 1

Signs, Symbols, and Synergy

My foray into sacred symbols began about a year into my healing journey. I woke up one night, and my third eye vision was lit up like the midday sky with a bright, golden yellow glow. A Giant web filled with polygons appeared above me, and at the center of this web was a male figure doing yoga poses, many per second. Then, this Light Being moved in through my crown, appeared in my heart chakra, and began pulling the web of polygons down into me.

I didn’t understand at the time or know that sacred symbols and geometry would become a part of my journey, but over the course of the next couple of years, I received many visions of symbols. Some of them appeared during meditations and some showed up inside my body at certain locations. As I researched and worked with the energy of these forms, my world opened up even further. I learned how to direct the energy within and without.

The triangle was one of the first shapes I received, and the one with which I worked the most extensively. During meditations and in dreams at night Light Beings would travel through a pyramid portal, which I could see appear above me. Sprites; angels; Archangels Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Casiel, Uriel, Metatron; ascended masters, Dr. Paul & Dr. Andrew, Reiki Master Cho; and other beings, such as Toth, The Morrigan, as well as many, many others that I don’t remember or whose names I have forgotten. Some of the beings had two shapes and some looked like insects or bugs. Often, I have seen spiders and scorpions in meditation states.

 Angels, Avatars, Gods & Goddesses

I have seen many things during meditations and dream states.  Each being that I have encountered is an archetype with a meaning that points the way. Consequently, I have learned more about angels and archangels than I ever did when I was actually a member of a Christian church. It is curious that I feel far more comfortable with religious personages, like Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, and God than I ever did when I actually practiced the Christian religion. The fear is gone now, and I feel a connection that far surpasses what I felt when I believed all the fear-based teachings in my Christian upbringing.

I feel very connected to Archangels Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Metatron as well as to the angel Hayel. Archangel Michael is the protector, the one to whom I turn for protection. Uriel is joy of learning – I have a tendency to be serious and hyper focused sometimes. He is the cue to lighten up, literally, and allow. Metatron is my joy of science, the initiator into the mysteries of sacred geometry, sacred symbols, and the laws of the universe (quantum physics). Hayel is help from God. He helps me with change and healing, the comforting hand when change is sometimes too abrupt or too much. 

I do not subscribe to any religion or belief system, but I simply allow what resonates with me to become part of the tapestry that is my understanding of the world and the cosmos. The tapestry has Divine Source, equations, geometric shapes, plants, trees, animals, god, goddess, Jesus, God, Buddha, Kuan Yin, Wicca, druidry, and quantum physics woven and embroidered throughout. There is even lots of space to add to the tapestry as I make greater and deeper connections to the wonder of the universe and all that is.

Nematona, the goddess of Sanctuary, The Nine-Fold Goddess, the Merkaba Star, the pentacle, the four elements, the Ogham, and many others besides have brought much expansion and contraction, comfort, knowledge, and wisdom as I have passed through various phases of my healing journey.

Spirit Guides

Some people have a constant guide from birth to death while others have a series of guides. I am the latter.

I kept working on myself and raising my vibration and resonating with higher frequency guides as I went. I have had so many guides over the last four years. Some have come back after breaks while others came for a minute, an hour, a day, a week, or a few months.

Others showed up only for a moment, but they too, had a lesson to teach me about myself even though it was sometimes months or a even years later that I came to understand and appreciate it.

Through meditation and my own inner musings, I have entertained many thoughts that bemuse, enlighten, and fascinate me as my psyche made and makes connections between and among theories about healing, dimensions, physics, love, light, and the nature of the universe. 


Point down triangles appeared within my body time after time as I received huge amounts of LIGHT healing. Eventually, point up triangles appeared. The point up and point down triangles joined to form a rhombus, which is all about balance. Once I had received enough healing, I began to find balance more and more on my own. I also worked to bring balance in my masculine and feminine energies – the right and left sides of my body. 

Overlaying the two rhombuses forms a four point star, which I have also had appear. Achieving balance between divine masculine and feminine and my own masculine and feminine helped me find the the gold at my center, which is my heart chakra. This process took years and years, but it was and is the feeling of complete knowing that I am absolutely perfect just as I am, healed and healing from the pain of my childhood.  

The Jewish Kabbala, the tree of life, and the elements have also appeared during meditation. I, however, most strongly resonate with Celtic energy and thus the Ogham, Celtic tree lore, animals, and gods and goddesses.

I have downloaded, created, and painted many other symbols, including my logo, which is comprised of a circle, triangle, triskellion, and energy lines. I was and still am intensely drawn to these symbols both personally and professionally, and I resonate quite strongly with a lot of symbols, which I have discovered are sacred and part of the very fabric of the universe at an atomic and even subatomic level.

The symbols fascinate me. I even discovered some mathematics that fascinate me, which is really saying something. I am not a math person. I can do basic math, but it definitely doesn’t resonate with me. Imagine my surprise when I discovered some that did.

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