LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 9, Pt. 2


During my research into symbols, I learned that there are certain numbers, including prime numbers, which are considered sacred. Pythagoras believed that whole numbers governed musical harmonies, and he figured that these same numbers were behind the harmony of the universe in every way, from the building blocks of nature (what we now call atoms and the molecules on the periodic table) to the movements of the planets and stars.

In fact, the golden angle determines plant growth spiral angles of leaves. It is also part of the DNA double helix, which employs the Golden Mean. If you look at an axial view of our DNA double helix, you will see a series of three major double pentagons each of which intersects with two other pentagons. 

Phi is 1.61803398875 and is the golden ratio. It is closely associated with five, which interestingly is the number associated with man. Five – head, two arms, two legs, five fingers, five toes, and the five-sided polygons (pentagons) at the center of our DNA structure.

During one summer three Reiki masters appeared and gifted me with several new Reiki symbols, which included the DNA spiral, which breaks apart (unhealthy DNA energies) and appears whole for new healthy, energetic DNA to flow into the client’s body for healing. I have only been guided to use this particular symbol twice, but know that it will come into more frequent use in the future with others.

I have sat and watched people doodle as both kids and adults, drawing certain shapes over and over again. We can see these shapes all over the world, predating written language. I have used them in my witch ceremonies to help me to release or to bring in new ideas, beliefs, and energies. When I am dancing during Chakradance, my intuition and Spirit Guides show me symbols – ways of moving my body to help me unwind and wind energies, to release and accept from my energy field. I can literally see and feel the energy when I tap into it, twirling, swirling, zooming, and arcing.

I truly love to see how it is all interconnected. Modern science with the advent of the microscope has shown that nature prefers the hexagon shape. Crystals have an internal lattice structure, comprised of regular polygons, too, which determine how the energies are held, released, absorbed, or blocked.

I am definitively drawn to certain symbols, I believe, because I am intrinsically resonating with the energy contained within or flowing from, to, and/or through them. There is, I think, a reason for that.

A study recently published states that all life on Earth evolved from a single-celled organism from about 3.5 billion years ago. Energy and the shape of energy has been at work in our lives from the beginning. Everything is energy, including us. We’re just dense vibrating energy. This vibrating energy helped create the shape of life. 

The underlying and repeating structures, fractals – the patterns of growth and change in nature are also governed by a definite geometry. Everything from animate to inanimate objects has a geometry.  Crystal energy moves in specific ways, depending on the underlying atomic structures and the external forms of the crystals. Crystals have seven internal atomic lattices forms, just like the animal kingdom has seven basic blueprint shapes.

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