The challenge of healing the self lies in the constant state of change – never through. The blessings are many, but so are the difficulties that lie within the human experience. Being human entails an often dynamic and contradictory relationship with yourself and everyone and everything else. Deciding how to proceed is one of these difficulties, often obscured behind a haze of beliefs, insecurities, self doubt, and fear of consequences, either real or imagined.

However, when you tune deep into yourself, down below limiting beliefs to your true SELF, that core that is beyond all that is before you, you begin to arrive at a depth of understanding that surpasses the often baseless fears that plague the human experience: fears held deep within the depths of countless generations.

The ancestral line – the snake of our existence that winds itself about our being is also one of the keys to our transformation: genes constantly turn on and off.

Transformation occurs in so many ways. Learning to work with rather than against yourself and becoming still so you can attune to yourself is a true form of transformation. You are your own greatest healer, teacher, student, and advocate. Moving into personal empowerment as you release and heal yourself on all levels is the journey of contraction and expansion, and growth and transcendence of the compassionate kind that aids you to reach your fullest potential. Empowerment aids you to own all that you are, all that you are capable of, and all that you can achieve.

First, you must be willing and open to diving into your depths, to engage with your own darkness and lightness, past and present, and ancestry and dynamics that make up who you are now.

Who you may yet become derives from each and every choice. Every choice is your own, which is an incredible amount of power, especially when you choose things that empower you.

Learn to tune into yourself – your entire self.

If you would like to learn more, join me for classes that help you be your own change maker.

The intersection of spirituality and quantum physics; reality and potentiality; and mind, body, spirit, and emotions is where you meet yourself within and without. It’s the interconnectedness of all things.

Classes begin May 2nd. To discover more and register:

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