Often, we blindly follow programs and patterns of thoughts, emotions, and behaviors – the kind that hurt and hold us back. One day we simply realize that we no longer wish, want, or desire to blindly follow, but figuring out how to change is one of the other difficulties.

Why do I keep doing this is often a question we ask ourselves. Sometimes, we blank – no answers forthcoming, and sometimes we blame.

However, the question remains: how do we heal it, change it, become someone new within; healthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviors – and acting in our own best interests.

Feeling stuck: let’s face it, it seriously sucks.

Forward momentum, a path, a choice, an action feels good because we aren’t sitting and brewing in our own emotional juices of self doubt, uncertainty, or confusion.

We are doing. Doing feels good. It gets us out of our heads, and we feel better simply by making a choice. It’s often just a relief.

Choosing is an act of empowerment. Acting from self knowledge and empowerment is a gift of deep love, compassion, and courage that requires us to step out of old ways of being and into new ones.

Spirituality is being in tune with yourself. When fully grounded and aligned, right action feels like a steady warm glow or deep knowing as in it just is. Tapping into that more and more allows us to choose differently with more ease, centering, and inner calm as we enter into new programs and patterns of being that fill us up, serving on a profoundly deep level as we continue to change and grow more and more into ourselves.

We find our own unique voice and self expression. We do things we never, ever thought we could do before. We believe in ourselves more and more and feel both incredibly lighter while more grounded and centered. No matter where you start, there is so much you can learn from within. Everything is within you – the journey is discarding all that isn’t you, so that you can embody all that is you with greater and greater capacities.

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