LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 9, Pt. 3

Metatron’s Cube & The Five Platonic Solids

Metatron’s Cube includes all 5 Platonic solids, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout our universe. Named after Arch Angel Metratron, who watches over the flow of energy in creation, it provides a connection to the Divine. In more scientific terms, the laws of physics.

There are millions of irregular polygons that make shapes, but only five solids can be composed of regular polygons. Since these shapes are a rarity Aristotle and Plato assumed they formed the building blocks of matter and so matched the five solids with four classical elements of Air, Fire, Water, & Earth, plus Ether, which is considered a spiritual substance by many or the air above the clouds in our upper atmosphere, if you want a more prosaic definition.

Sacred Geometry provides a logical underpinning for many of my unconscious attractions towards certain sound combinations, physical layouts in building and art, and even in how I, and all of us, develop, such as learning and connections that we make. In other words all systems from manmade ones, such as mathematical algorithms to human brain growth and development follow a set of logical progressions, which we see mirrored from the vast celestial movements all the way down to subatomic particles. The science of quantum physics has provided another level of understanding in how the universe works, how we work, and how we work within the framework of the universe. We are the whole, nothing separate from anything else and nothing not affected by the whole as well as the parts of the whole in an endless cycle of birth, growth, harvest, decay, and death. 

Everything is always shifting and changing.

The five platonic solids, which I had begun reading about, came into me via a download during my visit with Eva, the daughter of my past life (Elizabeth). It was the puzzle-like energy piece that entered through my crown chakra. Over the next several months, I learned to place them in specific combinations within each of my seven main chakras to shield me from specific energies. 

That day also marked another shift for me. I had worked with various types of shielding and boundaries over the years and had greater and lesser degrees of success at different times. 

I have experimented with bubbles, crystals, a cloud of white LIGHT, and grounding. That day with Eva drew forth a set of shields that resonated with me on a soul level. As I worked with them, I began to feel completely protected and believe I am completely protected. It was very settling because I no longer worried as much about my shields during energy work with clients. I could relax and after each session give myself some energy healing.

I downloaded those five platonic solids into my heart chakra, and there they remain, coming out in different orders as needed to protect me in each situation. Sometimes I only need a couple while other times, all five, but like Reiki I know they are within me, which gives me a definite sense of security, which I had been struggling with for years.

Doing aura readings, going to certain locations, or being around certain people prompted intuitive understandings of which solids to use and in which order. 

Eventually, as my vibration rose I let go of the need to use these five platonic solids, but I can still tap into them and use them if needed, which is pretty sweet.

Metatron’s Cube & Crystal Healing

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