LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 9 Pt. 4

Other symbols at work in my life

The Triskelion, which is a central component of my business logo, is concerned with the trinity and deals with the balance among core influences found in life. The triangle represents the center, signifying unity of three. The three spiraling arms indicate an experience with a trinity that broadens consciousness, such as mind, body, spirit, or sun, moon, earth. By bringing that experience with the trinity and with our human soul back to our center (our body), our core of understanding and awareness expands. It is power through transition and viewed as inherently feminine. Throughout my journey I have struggled, learned, conquered, and accepted as I reached out for information and understanding among disparate ideas and energies that I didn’t get at first, but through running them through the lens of SELF and self and allowing them to steer my inner compass, I grew and changed. However, I had to always take any new learning or ideas and run them through my own filter to understand them with my mind and my emotions; my body seemed to just get things much more quickly than the other two parts of me.

The outer circle of my logo represents totality, wholeness, perfection, eternity, timelessness, and the cyclical nature of life. The point down triangle is both water and receiving, and finally the three lightning bolts are all about energy.

The Cycles

I definitely follow lunar and solar calendars, using the moon to recharge certain crystals and to  follow rituals that are aided by the energies of the moon, stars, and planets. When celestial bodies align at certain times more cosmic energy is available to help me release. Plus, at certain times there is abundant energy around certain ideas, such as the new moon in Scorpio and dancing the Chakradance to activate my inner will, to burn up anything not serving me, and to find clarity and power to manifest stronger boundaries, which as an empath and a healer is crucial. My boundaries employ the sphere and the laws of attraction: attract all the good that is meant for me and serves my deepest and highest good and repel everything else.

The sphere is all about sanctuary. The goddess Nematona, who is a Celtic Goddess of Sanctuary, figured heavily for a time in my journey. Sanctuary in all spaces that we hold dear to include our hearts, and sanctuary lies within and without, allowing us to feel at ease wherever we are in the world. Nematona is liminal (meaning between) and is most powerful at dawn and dusk. Energy is liminal; it is also part of the in between everything in the cosmos. The idea of Nematona is that she holds space. When I feel safe, my soul can expand, and I can be completely connected, without ego. I can just be.

The Ash Tree, also known as the World Tree or the Tree of Life

Imagine my delight when I learned that the meaning of Ashley is the beautiful dweller of the Ash tree, and the Ash tree is considered the tree of life connecting the earth with heaven.

Super cool.

 The Ash tree is an archetype with such a ripe symbology, especially to me personally. I find myself often connecting with it. I am the tree, and the tree is me during many meditations, especially healing ones. Energetic roots shoot out from the chakras in the centers of my feet down into Mother Earth and branch into the ground. Me, the trunk grows tall and straight and into the heavens becoming blindingly white before sprouting branches, from which burst leaves in all of the stunning colors of the rainbow. Sometimes symbols appear on my branches. Sometimes I just need the tree to better ground me into Mother Earth so that I can spread my limbs and harvest the fruits of my creativity. 

Many a time has the tree come to me before a major shift, a major shift in my focus, a new learning, or a new energy. It, too, like signs, has served to let me know a big change is coming so that I can be grounded. It also cleanses my energies as Divine Source pours from the heavens lighting up the the trunk while the roots burn pure white and grow deeply into the earth. This pure white light cleanses me of any energy that is low vibration and connects me all the way through from the Heavenly Father into the Divine Mother Earth. Energy and matter come together to shine with all that I am and will be as I continue to grow through cycle after cycle. 

The tree brings solace, clarity, and peaceful joy when I have become lost or confused as to what the next step in my journey is. It is a marker, one of my personal sign posts that my journey is yet again about to engage in a new direction. I love when the Ash tree shows up during meditations. It is so incredibly beautiful, more than I can ever do it justice in any painting with either words or paintbrush. This archetype resonates deeply with me, and it is one from which I continue to learn new things about myself, the nature of the universe, and the cyclical nature of change.

Many authors may claim the tree to be overdone, but I claim that it is a symbol that we all understand, a universal theme with which we can all resonate in some way. Trees mean life, growth, groundedness, seasonal rhythms, and reaching for the heavens. Old growth trees feel different than new ones. Old forests feel peaceful, a little mysterious, and earthy, which allows us to take a deep breath, relax, and root ourselves in their presence. 

The slow process of change that we witness in trees teaches me patience with myself and my own journey. Lightning-strike fast changes and illumination are brilliant and amazing, but it takes me longer to incorporate all of the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of these changes. I look back and see how far my journey has taken me from where I began as a seed to where I am now, a fully rooted presence with many, many growth rings, a strong trunk, and far-reaching branches that provide enduring shelter for my spirit as I continue to grow and renew myself. 

The Tree of Life Mandala – as above, so below – what I think in my head and how I feel emotionally equals how I feel in my body. It shows up within and without. When my thoughts and emotions become heavy, so do my limbs. When I become uprooted from a lot of stress and worry, I feel off kilter as if I could fall over. The vibrant colors of my leaves and self expression dry up, my roots whither, and my body aches from the tensions that I hold as I try to figure out which direction I should go or what I should or shouldn’t do. 

However, once I stop the pattern of worry, stress, tension, and just remember to breathe deeply, and allow my energy to settle down back to its natural state of being grounded, I begin to feel better. Then, I can allow my inner guidance to engage so I can simply allow the knowing that I need to surface from deep within myself.

My conscious mind might not always know, but my inner knowing does. When I let it lead, rather than my brain and ego, things are so much easier and smoother. So, whether it’s a therapy appointment, a massage, a herbal remedy, a doctor’s visit, meditation, yoga, chakradance, running LIGHT, or sitting still and waiting for it to pass, I try my best to take care of myself. The changes can be lightning quick, but I have often experienced year or months-long healing cycles as I resolved an issue. Once that issue resolved, it was rather like a domino effect as everything else fell away or fell into place. Those long cycles of contraction were sometimes painful, but the expansion was so much deeper and wider when I allowed all the nasty crap that needed to release the space, time, and opportunity to happen. Letting it happen meant I sat with the pain of it, the physical discomfort of it, and the mental/emotional turmoil that arose. Days could be hard, easy, and anything in between, but as Tony, my Spirit Guide, frequently played – “There’ll be days like this my momma said.” I knew it would eventually pass.


The mandala is something with which I now frequently and extensively work, creating during or after a meditation or chakradance. I find that the symbology and the understanding that come to me help me to locate blocks in my aura or physical body and to energetically clear these blocks afterwards using energy work. I use the mandala as a map of my mind, body, emotions, and spirit. It too is a supremely handy, healing tool.

Tune Into You

If you would like to learn more about energy work and healing, tuning into yourself, energy mapping, chakras, the aura, the prime meridian, quantum physics, distance healing, spirit guides, symbols, archetypes, and so much more, check out classes.

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