The Gifts of Transformation

The Mother

Holding grief of the Mother (this life & past lives) is the energy of loss so profound that every mother knows it or the potential of it. 

The life that we give and protect and grow with our wholebeing to bring forth the next generation in love is a consecration of life everlasting.

This act of joy or sorrow, pain or ecstasy, denial or acceptance is only but a tiny part of the Mother. Mother is the energy of LOVE and nurturance whether for that of a child or of an act of creation in art or poetry, business or enterprise, or building or making.

The Mother is that joyous passion of creation; the feelings of bliss in the moment of breathing life into an endeavor that speaks to the self of the cycle of being interconnected with all that is, was, or ever will be. It is integration, synthesis, and development, and it lives within all of us: a hidden spark of creativity. It is the imaginative birth that brings forth from the liminal space to this reality.

It is the expansion of self most profound. It calls to us. It lights us. 

It is the gift of the Mother.

The Heart of Personal Power

The heart is a stream through which we can grow, widen our lens, and our field to hold the highest vibrations in our physical form.

It is a process of change, an evolution of our very being inside and out as we move through cycles of expansion and contraction.

Once we expand and contract to such an extent that we have conquered many of our deep-rooted fears, angers, hates, obligation & guilt -based beliefs, as well as beliefs of being less than in same way, we can finally hold onto higher vibrations even in the face of a room filled with low vibrations.

It is a way of standing in our own personal power, just being with neither force outwardly nor inwardly turned. We are simply being, whole and contained, as all that is not meant for us passes through and all that is meant for us stays. 

It is a different way of being – one that holds more personal empowerment and requires neither force nor willpower to maintain because it just is. It is a feeling that is supremely uplifting with a deep belief in our own capacity and utter trust in ourselves and all that is.

It is Liberation.


Liberation is complete acceptance of yourself – every thought, feeling, and belief. It is not reacting: inner denial of thoughts and feelings that aren’t socially acceptable or that aren’t happy surface types of thoughts and feelings. It is simply being able to truly just observe and let pass through without any internal hesitation, force or impulse to control because you know that they just are thoughts and feelings that can and will simply pass between one moment and the next. 

When we allow and surrender to this way of being a lot opens before us, both inside and out. We are able to increase our capacities, our knowledge of more, our potential, and our belief of deep inner knowing that no matter what happens: it will be okay.

To arrive to this moment of liberation requires deep TRANSFORMATION of the self.

It requires that we willingly give up anything and everything holding us in our current embodiment, which means everything from beliefs, situation, and things to people.

It can be a small shift, or it can be a cataclysmic shift in which we change everything. It can feel as if our very body is shaking and falling apart and as if our entire world is crumbling as we move from the reality of our current situation and being into higher and higher vibrational awareness.

In the beginning change can feel terrifying or too big or too much because we are moving in ways that we have not before, as if we are suddenly required to do everything with the left hand when we are right-hand dominant. 

It feels awkward, we drop things, make many mistakes, and feel like we won’t conquer it. However, with every success, we build more and more faith in ourselves and our capability, and self esteem rises. With each step forward, no matter how small, we grow more and more into ourselves and in our total belief in ourselves. It is a most wondrous feeling into which we can tap into whenever to fill ourselves up with that wondrous feeling and belief. So, even when things are going completely fubar, we can breathe deep and remember ourselves and who we now are and know that we can get through it.

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