Karmic Seeds,Spiritual DNA, & Ancestral DNA

The line of  succession – my foremothers and forefathers

Recently, there has been a lot of information about our actual journey beginning in our grandmother’s wombs (eggs), and through our DNA (the x chromosome) we carry the line of succession. Within those two x chromosomes, we carry our foremothers and forefathers and their accumulated wisdom and their spiritual seeds, too. 

We also carry a different type of seed – karmic seeds from past lives. The good seeds, both ancestral and past life, are great as they help us along, but the unhealthy seeds and the unhealthy DNA need to be healed, sometimes excised from our biology so that we don’t pass it on, such as the Incredible HULK gene – rage.  Healing that energy was an exercise in mental and emotional change, but also one in cellular change, down to the DNA level. Healing allowed me to mirror what healthy anger looks like, the boundary kind.

Forcing myself

I was tossed high into the air as a toddler in play; unfortunately, I landed super hard on the ground from about an eight-foot drop. Total accident, but the consequences sucked.

Fast forward a few decades. I grew up with the can do attitude of get everything done in one back-breaking, let’s just get this finished go of it. That was part of my familial legacy, which has both positive and negative aspects.

My  husband and I bought our first house. For those of you familiar with “The Money Pit,” that was our house. Now, of course, we call it home, but starting out, it was this massive disaster – the kind of disaster that prompts fantasies of gasoline, matches, and a neighborhood barbecue over the open flames. Unbeknownst to us the previous owners smoked in the house, had a multitude of cats and dogs, skunks living under the house in winter, a brand new carpet over a rotten carpet pad, squishy walls and sub flooring from dogs urinating on them, maggots in the kitchen cabinet, a dog run piled three-feet high with hay and feces, torn out ducting and insulation, and a yard of deeply buried kids’ toys, Tupperware, baking sheets, shoes, and other paraphernalia. Plus, a yard that sloped so that water ran under the house. We actually had our own in-ground pool complete with skunk poop that grew really scary fungi.

We bought organic orange cleanser, vinegar, and a giant garbage bin and began the process of cleaning up and cleaning out. When we started on the yard, we knew it would be a big project, but dang! 

We dug up rotting palms, filled in a decorative pool that was dug about three-feet from the front door, ripped out the above ground pool in the back, the dog run, and the plethora of odd bushes and trees, including these pine trees that always looked like they were giving us the finger. Honestly, it rather felt like the whole place was giving us the finger at times. 

My body certainly was.

We moved eleven tons of dirt, rock, pavers, bricks, cottage stones, and beauty bark to make raised beds, foot paths, a courtyard, and landscaping that didn’t run water under the house. We did the majority of this work over the course of about two months – shoveling, carrying, dragging, and sometimes cursing under our breath. My low back would twinge, gripe, and spasm. I would tell myself things like, “Suck it up, buttercup.”

Stand up, stretch in a back bendy sort of way, and keep going. We finished the projects and had a yard that we loved and weren’t frightened of – some of the things in that yard  probably deserved a hazmat suit.

Rainy fall came and my back was sore, but manageable until one day, I bent down and experienced scorching, gasping, agony. Went to the doctor, pain meds that I couldn’t handle, a two-foot heating pad, pillows piled in such a way that my knees were practically touching my chest, and enduring twenty-minute long muscle-spasms for over a week. Getting out of the bed to go to the bathroom was torturous. 

When it eased up, I began physical therapy. Then, I went right back to the business of living my life. I took up running, Jillian Michael’s workouts, and weight-lifting. I was in the best physical shape of my life, and I felt so good – strong. I had muscles!

About a year later it hit me again – breathless agony of the kind that my lower, right back would go numb, flash pain, or jump around. I was so mad and completely baffled. I was in great shape. Why was this happening? Neurosurgeon consult – you have scoliosis and stenosis. Okay. How do I fix it? Back brace, physical therapy, don’t sit too long, stop running, swim. 

I refused the back brace and started physical therapy again and swimming. Worked out okay for a while until it simply wasn’t anymore. I was seeing a chiropractor and masseuse multiple times a month. I couldn’t sit or stand for more than twenty to thirty minutes at a time without muscle spasms. So, my days started being consumed by how to cope with back pain: sit, stand, lie down, walk, repeat over and over while doing tasks that needed to be done. Each morning I began my day on my two-foot long heating pad to warm up the muscles. 

Bending down was awful even with the golfer’s bend that I learned in physical therapy. I was so done, and I refused to take pain pills other than the occasional dose of ibuprofen.

I ended up ticked at my body a lot of the time, but I refused to listen to it, determined it would do what I told it to do. 

I had suffered back pain for the majority of my life, under chiropractic care at thirteen and unable to do what other kids did easily and without pain. I suffered periodically with muscle spasms, a numb right leg, and trouble standing after sitting. I couldn’t stand for anyone to touch my lower back and sit ups were beyond painful due to the spinal curvature, but I never counted on the degree to which my back would made itself known. 

Tune Into You Master Class: Advanced Energy Healing

Awakening to your own spirituality often brings up a lot of questions, confusion, doubt, and tremendous changes. Understanding energy, your own spirituality, and how you work (perceive, send, receive, filter, use, and heal) on both a subtle energy and physical, mental, and emotional level is key in helping you to move forward. Being able to tune into the aura, the body, and the energy exchange within and among the higher self, the body, the emotions, the beliefs, ancestry, past lives, and the universe allows you to dive more deeply within for greater and greater spiritual mastery.

Understanding and working with your own particular set of perceptual awarenesses to gain insight into the interconnectedness of all is to bring together knowledge, discernment through the lens of self and SELF, and action – the progress of transmutation, transformation, and transcendence.

If you would like to learn how to tune into you and your own inherent capabilities for inner and outer growth, develop and refine your intuition, and gain clarity and insight into perception, reality, dimensions, realms, portals, interconnectedness of all, ghosts, spirit guides, inner journeying for understanding of self and SELF, resonance, vibration, akasha (universal information), symbols, archetypes, healing, best practices for healings, and so much more, join me for the Tune into You Master Program: Advanced Energy Healing Classes. Each class in this four-part program is three hours and provides in-depth information and many, many hands-on practices to help you discover, work with, and refine your own intuition, inherent capabilities, and grow, expand, and transform safely and through your own higher wisdom.

In the realm of spirituality – one size does not fit all. Learn how to tune into you for deeper awareness, connection, and expansion.

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