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When we discuss healing in the U.S., or western medicine, most people think of prescription drugs. Traditional western medicine provides many wonderful practices and tools for healing, but they are only a part of a much broader and older picture.

 Before the advent of pharmaceuticals, people used “folk remedies.” Some folk remedies were most definitely not healing and some were actually detrimental to health; however, for thousands of years, plants were the principal means for healing ailments, sicknesses, and diseases. The breadth and depth of herbal lore is vast, and plants are just as powerful as any pill that is prescribed by a doctor. 

In fact the basis for all pharmaceuticals began with plants. For instance, Willow tree bark contains salicylic acid, which is the primary ingredient found in aspirin. People used to treat fevers and other issues with a tea of boiled and steeped willow bark. For thousands of years people have been harnessing the healing properties of plants, making infusions, distillations, teas, poultices, essences, decoctions, powders, ointments, and syrups to treat hundreds of issues: joint and muscle pain, microbial agents (bacterial, fungal, and viral), intestinal parasites, congestion, insect bites, and inflammation, just to name a few.

Just one plant can treat numerous issues. Angelica was a favored treatment for plague in Europe. Angelica assists in purifying the blood and helping people to eliminate the bacteria from the body, as well as treat fever. Today, Angelica has many applications, and as bacteria becomes more antibiotic resistant, plants may once again become the key to help us fight antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections as there are many plants that inhibit bacterial proliferation or outright kill the bacteria. 

I personally use White Angelica extensively for my own energy clearing. It’s my favorite personal topical one, which I custom blend with a few other essential oils. I spray it on my body when I need a little extra protection or clearing. I have also taken essential oils of plants internally when I need a little help digestively, such as peppermint oil, or a mix of orange, cinnamon, and cloves in a tea when I have had a cold. 

I apply oils to my chakras points, such as on the bottoms of my feet, the back of my neck, or my temples when I have a headache. I use them to clear a room, to destress, and to detox my body. I even created a specific blend of essential oils that keeps my rosacea in check, which became rampant when I hit forty. 

My skin was actually lobster red in a ring all around the outside of my face. I had bumps, pustules, and eczema, which peeled and peeled until my face bled. I had tried steroids, hormones, and very expensive topical treatments from high-end, skin care lines. None of it worked to fully ameliorate the symptoms. The essential oils did and do. Even if I get a breakout, the essential oils clear it within one to two days. I cannot say enough good things about them, and they come directly from plants, which really makes me happy.

Good, good, good, good vibrations!

Just as plants heal, so do crystals. Crystals conduct electricity. Without them many of our electronic devices wouldn’t function, such as our computers, cell phones, and quartz crystal watches.

In the beginning of my journey, I did crystal healing a lot. It truly helped to clear and open my energy channels, and it helped me extensively with my chakra healing. I have frequently conducted aura reading appointments for chakra crystals and house crystal gridding for clients, finding the crystals that resonate perfectly with their energy to help them heal or protect and calm their homes. 

I meditate before the appointment or sit for a moment and will literally see the location of the crystal. I have been at home and had the exact image of the crystal appear in my mind’s eye and simply knew which crystal shop I needed to go to meet a client or to pick up the crystals for the clients. Also, my body simply leads me to the right crystals for people. I have been at a healing fair and had a line appear between the person with whom I was speaking and the crystal that was the perfect crystal for her to heal her throat chakra.

The woman bought that crystal immediately, and she now refers to me as the crystal whisperer.

During crystal healing sessions clients relax with the crystals and experience the healing benefits; however, what really excites me is teaching people how to begin to choose their own healing tools, how they themselves are perfectly capable of choosing the exact right crystals for themselves using their own internal body compass because we can feel the vibrations. 

Intuition is brilliant and learning how I tap into my own inherent abilities was so empowering.

Healing tools – there are so many. It’s all about the vibration. Whether it’s crystals, sound baths, LIGHT work, Access Bars, Neurofeedback, or Reiki – the focus is raising our vibration so we feel better!

Tune into You Master Classes

Tune into You Master Classes on Advanced Energy are all about exploring energy within and without. There are many, many practices that teach you to locate and heal energetic connections that don’t serve you; explore your energy field and subconscious; learn to tap into the subconscious through meditating with a variety of interfaces (symbology, archetypes, journeying, and tuning into the subtle energies); energy mapping; and understanding the sensory input in the way in which you receive it – clairkinesthetic, clairaudient, clairvoyant, claircognizant, empathic.

Plus, learn about and how to tune into akasha (universal energy information), as well as working with guides, ghosts, contracts, past lives, ancestral DNA, higher spiritual energies and SELF, energetic boundary work, protection, and the interplay amongst physical, mental, and emotional vibrations for healing safely yourself and others.

You learn how to tune into you and work with your own capabilities for deeper insight, clarity, healing, and more.

You can learn more and sign up at

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