LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 14. Pt. 1

Cosmic Joy and Quantum Physics

Quantum Physics of the Human Condition

I am a show me type of girl: I prefer science and logic. I turned to physics, specifically quantum physics to try to further figure all this new learning out (life, healing, energy, and vibrations). Quantum physics actually explained it so perfectly. Everything is vibrating energy – the earth, sun, moon, stars, the universe, the air, plants, buildings, music, the colors of the rainbows, our emotions, our individual body parts, and our bodies as a whole. The energy is within us and without. LIGHT work, Reiki, crystals, sound baths, and other healing modalities are simply tools that allow me to tap into it for healing.

Sacred Cosmos

Quantum physics strikes a deep resonance with me. As a medium I meet lots of Disembodied Beings (ghosts or spirits, if you prefer, as well as many others). Some of these beings are essences of the person (the quintessential part), who still has a connection to this world, either a person, place, thing, or idea. Albert Einstein is an essence of quantum mechanics, and he hangs with me on a regular basis. Quantum physics intensely interests me; it increases my vibration (excitement and joy) and rockets my imagination. 

I absolutely adore Albert Einstein.

The energy that is everywhere, including within us, also includes lower dimensions, or planes, that are barely seen, felt, heard, or understood by us. The vibrations of these other dimensions are so much slower than ours that we don’t really interact with them in an appreciable way. Our interaction with these lower dimensions are like Albert’s Theory of Relativity example. A race car zooms by at 300 miles per hour past a person. We, the drivers, know we passed by a person, but not the details of the person, like the face, clothes, or shoes.

The higher dimensions are the same only in this equation we are the person observing a rocket zoom past at 1000 miles an hour. We fill the wind of it, or we feel the energy displacement and know something zipped past us, but again no details. 

If we tune in, though, we can begin to feel the energy changes of major planetary, solar shifts, or full moon phases.

When we wake up, we can tune into these vibrations. There is lots of interest in ghosts. People want to know how I see, hear, or feel them. Ghost hunters use measurement devices to capture data; human beings simply use their senses. Since it is all measurable in Hertz, what we are all tuning into is vibration, visually, aurally, and kinesthetically, but on a deeper, higher, and broader scale than just what the traditional five senses of our bodies tell us. 

Once I woke up, I began to experience these extra dimensions rather willy, nilly it seemed, but as I am learning the cosmos and I are both fractals. So, even though I cannot see the whole of it or even get a sense of it, my life is part of a fractal, and I, myself, am a fractal.

When I woke up, got clearer and clearer of my own limiting beliefs, I became aware of the more that is all around me to include interactions with amazing beings, like Albert Einstein, who hung out with me during the writing of this section and several others. 

He showed an image that is connected to me: a vibrating light string, in which geometric shapes constantly shift from one to the next. This string is, I wonder, the portal within me, the dimensions, the energies, my vibration on the whole, and the connection to my body and everything else. I wonder if it is the part of my energies that allows me to tap into that which is unseen around me, too.

I will ask any and all physicists to please be kind to me. I am not a mathematician, nor have I studied physics to any great degree. So, the following is literally just what I ponder sometimes.

I  wonder about the nature of the universe – space, LIGHT, DARK, energy, and balance. 

The current assumption and understanding of quantum physics is that the universe is expanding and the problem is with space; defining the space as it were. Again, the five platonic solids showed up as possible shapes of the universe –  dodecahedron and tetrahedron, specifically, in a snippet of reading that I did. I found that incredibly fascinating. Sacred geometry at play again.

I keep wondering about energy and space. Recently, scientists discovered an energy present everywhere in the universe, which they had not factored into their equations. 


If I apply my understanding of black (dark) and white light and how light (energy) works on this planet, then could it be the same on a cosmic scale with all types of light waves?

If dark light absorbs, and white light, which includes all of the colors of the rainbow, reflects, then I have a series of questions.

What happens to the visible light waves, when they are absorbed by the dark light that is present everywhere? What happens to all other light waves?

If we consider that all things must balance, then does the white light transform to dark light and vice versa (dark to light)?

If all things are energy, including matter (very dense energy), and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but simply transformed, does space then actually matter (pun intended)?

I am referring to the fact that objects, or mass, take up space, but if everything is simply energy, then does space, as we understand it, actually exist in the way that we currently think about it?

Can it perhaps be that the fractals of transformation are so huge, we simply cannot see or comprehend them? If everything involves fractals, could it be that all that was, all that is, and all that is yet to be exists already and just cycles in never-ending fractals?

I currently don’t know if I am even in the right ballpark with my thinking, but I am intensely interested in the scientific experiments being conducted all around the world as well as the brains behind them. I just purchased my first book on quantum physics The Hidden Reality at the end of January 2020 during the final edit check of this book. I can’t wait to see if it answers the questions that I have.

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