LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 14, Pt. 2

Brain crushes

I have two other brain crushes, aside from Albert – Brian Cox and Brian Greene (author of The Hidden Reality). Both of these gentlemen opened up a whole other world for me, and they explained things in a way my brain could comprehend in a couple of YouTube videos, which inspired lots and lots of thinking and my current reading selection.  

They are both brilliant, not just because of their research or their intellect, but because they are both able to disseminate incredibly complex information in an accessible way, which I as a teacher and student deeply and truly appreciate.

When I am drawn to something, it lights me up. The Albert Einstein quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration” is one of the only things on which, I can safely say I disagree with him (I have a lot of reading to do on physics – I am not even a novice). 

Inspiration when we are attuned to all that lies both within us and sometimes without us conjures inspiration, genius, and FLOW.

Plus, since we are all fractals, could it be that even the way we learn and transform is just a reflection of the universe?

There is a theory that I read about years ago: Bohm’s theory, and I wonder if all the information that ever was and ever will be is here right now all around us, waiting to be accessed?

Could it be that we simply resonate with certain ideas, things, people, places, etc.? If so, I believe, we attract in the energy that resonates with us, the ideas that fire us up to share with the world. 

In a channeling class that I took, the teacher, who is an incredibly high vibration channel, frequently channels other beings in her work with people to deliver messages or to bring out needed information, similar to Theresa Caputo. One of the premises that she teaches is that you can learn to do things incredibly quickly by simply channeling a being, who is an expert or gifted in the area that you want to learn, for instance learning to play the guitar with Jimmy Hendrix. Of course, the person who is disembodied will need to agree, and of course be available. I found the premise fascinating, but ultimately not for me. However, some of the teaching was incredibly helpful and enlightening.

Since all time is now, and time and space are the same thing, we can theoretically link to anything, any time, or any place, and since our brains work in a holographic manner, our imaginations are one of our greatest assets. So can we theoretically create whatever we put our minds to doing?

The fractals of my learning

When I resonate with certain ideas or new things, etc., I draw the energy of these things into my sphere of influence. I become super interested, I study it, I dive into it. I use it, and then lose interest. I allow the information to sink into the black hole of useless information in my brain. I essentially forget it, at least the majority of it. The part that resonates with me stays, which may be nothing more than a snippet. However, this snippet then goes to join the fractal of another concept with which I become interested. I have repeated this process over and over, culling and adding until I have achieved a robust picture of my overall purpose here in this lifetime, as well as interests and hobbies. 

Unfortunately, the unpredictability of the universe means I sometimes don’t have everything line up for me in a way that I recognize, or I have failed to recognize or seize opportunities that are presented to me. 

I have in point of fact missed tons of opportunities. I still sometimes miss opportunities because I am not paying attention or feel/believe that I cannot. Jumping at opportunities requires faith and a certain degree of willingness. Of course, there is also the the balance of losing other opportunities. It’s rather like those choose your own adventure books from the eighties. There are many possible endings, just like there are an infinite array of choices in my life. All I can do is simply keep trying and attempting to choose the ones that “feel” the best moment by moment.

I have studied lots of physics theories, principles, and ideas to help me achieve a different understanding of myself. Whether it’s Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle (the universe is inexact and not predictable with any models or formulae the scientist seek to construct) or the laws of thermodynamics, I have come to understand that the universe is movement and flow with infinite possibilities that cannot be constrained by human intellect or any series of numbers or formulae. 

I like the universe am here to FLOW, to keep moving. 

I sometimes freeze and hold myself back because I want assurances and a predictable outcome because if I can predict it, then I can in a way control it, which makes me feel safer and more powerful. 

Safety and security is something with which I still struggle. As a person with PTSD, and who had generalized anxiety disorder, I am most easily able to hold myself back through fear. However, each and every time I have chosen to move forward despite fear and uncertainty, I have realized that there really was nothing to fear because despite the belief to the contrary – nobody died and the world didn’t end.

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