I’m feeling it! Emotions, Chakras, & Good Vibes

Emotions are central to how I identify, perceive, experience, and process aspects of myself and my life, just like everyone else. I feel my own emotions and quite often other people’s emotions  when they bubble over. If any of you have children, then you probably know intimately the emotional ups and downs your kids experience daily, and let’s face it, sometimes minute by minute. I have been exhausted trying to keep up or even keep straight the emotional whirlwind my daughter occasionally goes through. 

Of course, I have often gone through the whirlwind with her. Trying to understand why my emotions sent me spiraling down or up, as well as the people around me was bewildering. 

I could be perfectly relaxed and happy, then my kid gets home and without even seeing her come in the door, I know things are about to get heavy. Trying to stay calm while my kid goes through the ringer can be really hard. Sometimes, I felt like I went through the ringer even though I wasn’t anywhere near the drama. 

Distress as well as many other emotions are palpable as if the emotions themselves are another presence in the room. One of the reasons I feel emotions in a room is that emotions are energy. Each one of our emotions has a particular frequency, or vibration. For instance, shame is 20 Hz – essentially death is the next level down. Fear is 100 Hz, reason is about 400 Hz, and peace equals ~600 Hz. The higher the vibration of our emotions, the better we feel. So, when we are flying high on emotion, we are literally lifting up our vibration, which alleviates stress, pain, and a whole host of other conditions.

So, what is it about the higher emotional vibrations that helps us do so much better physically?

Again, fact and theory come into play.

All living things are composed of matter. Matter has substance and occupies space. Matter is atoms and molecules that bond energetically to one another. More to the point, matter is particles – very dense energy. It is comprised of positively charged protons, neutral neutrons, and negatively charged electrons. Humans, like all matter, are just very dense energy. We are in fact each of us an energy system that has its own “electrical grid” running throughout it. We are a system just like the planets and stars and galaxies that is governed by rules as to how energy acts.

Our own bodies’ energies follow the same rules as planetary and stellar energy though that certainly isn’t something that we think about. Our bodies contain molecules and atoms that engage in energy exchanges, both within and without because we aren’t closed systems. In other words we concurrently bring in energy and release energy all the time. Our atoms and molecules form and break apart in preprogrammed cycles as well as from what we take in (i.e. food) or unexpectedly from injury or trauma, which includes emotional and mental traumas and distress. 

Scientists are conducting many, many studies: when high vibrations are present, energetic bonds are stronger and more stable between and among atoms or molecules. There are in fact studies about the impact of surrounding energies on plant growth, human development, and animals. Experiments and analyses, which include Dr. Matsura Emoto’s water experiments, have really allowed us to begin to gain a deeper insight into the human condition. 

These experiments helped me to better understand how energy is at work in my own systems and the systems with which I interact and to which I am connected. For instance, my family (husband and daughter), my home, my work (the work itself, the work environment, and my coworkers), and other people and places impact me and my energy. 

We talk about this impact all the time in terms of feelings – how someone, something, some place feels and even where we feel it.

For example, people say stabbed in the back or an arrow to the heart. I have experienced a place as cold and creepy while my home feels warm and welcoming to me. People can be standoffish, cold, mean, unkind versus open and caring. I sometimes discuss how a place, person, or thing feels to me, for instance every hair on my body stood near this spot in this bookstore in downtown Portland. I have felt hot under the collar whenever I have thought about being called stupid as a kid. John Lennon’s “Just Imagine” brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it because it’s just so beautiful. 

Plus, of course, there is how I am feeling at the time of the exchange that affects my perceptions. If I am in a “good place,” then my reaction to the person, place, or thing is generally more positive than when I am in a “bad place.” Exchanges play out, and I see how more “positive,” uplifted people, who are warm, welcoming, and open, attract me and other people more than closed off people. 

I usually hear closed off people described in terms of walled off, it’s like talking to a wall, or there’s a wall between us.

We have a gigantic vocabulary to discuss emotions – how we feel. Words resound across cultures, societies, and even time. These words are ones we have used for centuries, and they are words we all understand on a visceral level. They are words that connect us to one another and words that shape how we feel about ourselves, other people, places, and things. Our emotional languaging allows us to tap into a wealth of shared energetic experiences because the words themselves are energy. 

It is this energy that impacts how I feel in my body, in daily exchanges with others, and in how I experience my life emotionally, mentally, and physically. 

Positivity feels good. Positive words feel good. I feel good not only emotionally when I am peaceful, happy, joyful, and loving/loved, but physically and mentally as well. The energy that I hold within me; this positively impactful, vibrational energy determines so much in my life.  Putting out “good vibes” isn’t just a figure of speech; I am literally putting out vibrations when I think, speak, and feel, which affects my interactions with everything and everyone, including my relationship with myself. 

Body of Emotions

When I talk about holding onto emotions, I am in a very real way. I store my emotions in my physical body, just like everyone else. Emotions, such as grief, helplessness, rage, fear, or terror gets stuck in certain places in my body, like my organs, and these stuck negative emotions have had serious implications for my overall health, happiness, and day-to-day experiences and perceptions about myself, others, and life in general. 

Chakras and aura

I work on my chakras, especially my main seven, as well as the others, as needed. I give them some healing because I always feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally afterwards. Plus, when I clear blocks away either from within my body or my aura, I gain clarity, which helps me to make better choices for myself.

Prana, Chi, & Me

Learning that people have a light “tube” that goes straight through them and connects them from Divine Source to Mother Earth surprised the crap out of me. When I first started, mine didn’t. It stopped at my solar plexus chakra. I actually had to do quite a bit of work in the early months, namely paying attention to my feet and bringing my energy down my body every time I went to pee.  Four months in and I found myself “giving birth” to my prana tube, squatting and pushing it down between my legs during a women’s healing circle. 

I felt like my mind just got out of the way and let my body take over, much like giving birth to a child. I have to say though that giving birth to a Prana tube is way easier – no pain and no mess. Keeping my Prana tube grounded in and open to Mother Earth was hard at first. It took a great deal of practice to not pull it up and to keep it open and flowing. Anytime I became surprised or unsure, my instinct was to pull it up or pinch it off.  

Confession of a human being: I still do this sometimes. 

I was also incredibly open energetically during this time as in no boundaries and received way to much information that overloaded me. My chi, or energy, was also weak. I was exhausted all the time. I required lots of rest, and I was just shut down in so many ways. I had an incredibly hard time knowing what my own feelings were.

My Center isn’t ooey, gooey or even spongey anymore – it’s solid

As I let go of more and more, the more my heart expanded and the more solid I became. I had finally reached my foundation. It didn’t crumble into the abyss under stress or strain because I had hit bedrock. It was solid, it was real, and it had been in me all along. I just couldn’t feel it because of the shifting sands of all the bad crap associated with the trauma. 

I had found my earth.

Feelings, those inner currents dissolved more. 

Breath – air brought clarity to my thinking as I literally breathed deeply and began to let my body settle.

Once I began to really tap into myself differently, with curiosity and stillness rather than reactivity, my healing journey moved forward far more smoothly. 

Figuring out – am I hungry, thirsty, tired, triggered, hitting something that needs healing, or reacting to something going on a round me?

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