Patience really is a virtue; unfortunately, it isn’t really one of mine.

As I researched and downloaded, I filled up my journals with information, which I soon forgot as there was simply so much. I constantly kept going outside of myself, seeking answers for what was going on inside myself. I read countless books, tried to process copious amounts of information and ended up frequently short circuiting myself as I kept trying to incorporate more and more information on top of information that I hadn’t even figured out. Research is all well and good. Sometimes it really was necessary to help my brain gain understanding, but most of the time it was just piling books on top of my head. If you have ever had to do the Southern graceful glide practice of walking forward with a book on top of your head, then you know it’s hard. Walking forward with twenty books on your head is impossible. The books tumble down and you trip up and fall, smacking yourself in the face with all the book learning. 

I face planted several times.

Deepest and Highest Good

I receive energy information that applies to my own healing journey as well as others. Those times that my intuition prompts me to help another can be out in public with a stranger, a dear friend, an acquaintance, or a client. Sometimes, it’s as simple as a message, sometimes it’s a crystal, sometimes it’s information to help that person move forward, sometimes it’s physical healing advice, sometimes it’s energetic healing, and sometimes it’s a touch on the hand and empathetic understanding of that person’s pain – knowing that they aren’t alone.

No matter what it is, I trust in the moment. I try to make sure I have permission of the person and that I am in the LIGHT to ensure I am serving that person’s deepest and highest good and his or her highest priority. 

Whenever I do a client session, I tap into Divine Source and Mother Earth and trust the guidance during healing sessions, which is my intuition. However, I am sometimes not the highest priority practitioner. I send people to other holistic or western medicine practitioners because that referral serves my clients’ deepest and highest good and their highest priority.

And even though I wish it was in my deepest and highest good to simply be fully healed with a thought, so far my healing hasn’t been accomplished in one fell swoop, regardless of how much I stuffed my head full of information or jockeyed to get ahead on my journey. I am not going to go any faster or slower than what my higher self deems my deepest and highest good, which really super annoys me sometimes, especially when I think I am ready NOW.  

Darn ego.

It’s really good that Divine Source is super patient; otherwise, I probably would have been smacked upside the back of the head innumerable times in addition to all the falling down that I managed to accomplish all on my own.

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