LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 20, Pt. 1

FLOW & Cosmic Joy

Fractals of BEING

I have often wondered about the idea and source of being. Why in the world are we in this body? Wouldn’t it all be easier to simply achieve healing if we weren’t in a body but simply pure energy? How does our essence for lack of a better word (our energy, our personality, our spiritual DNA, and our biological or physical matter) come into it? If we are spirits, or Light Beings, and we are choosing, then how does this choice come all together to make a person?

Again, the theory for me is fractals. The God spark, or particle, I have read in eastern philosophies, is the energy that comes into us. It’s not the same as the ones created in the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland.

Our spiritual DNA, those cosmic energies, our essence that inhabits the Kundalini point deep within our bellies; the personality of our birth affected by the lining up of the stars and planets; and our biological DNA that is gifted us by our families all come to mix into the unique being that is us. It fascinates me how it all comes together. The cosmic energies of our galaxy and the universe, our essential self/god spark, and the time/place all line up for these energies to flow into the conception of a living, embodied being, here to learn about self, as I have come to understand through readings. We are here to serve out a purpose, but which we forget when we come into this world and inhabit our corporeal form.

I thought that was rather ass backwards, and I have complained to God/Divine Source about what an inefficient method it is if we are meant to learn and to serve a purpose. 

Why would we forget our purpose when we inhabit our bodies? 

It took me a very long time to see that choice, which is our greatest power, must not be taken from us because when we choose to learn, to change, to grow, then we are in FLOW. If we are forced, then the power of the experience and our own divinity are removed, and we simply become automatons.

It is funny and sad that we do this to ourselves. We take away our own choices and sometimes the choice of others, misusing our power. I still struggle at times with this one. It simply isn’t an easy thing to do. We are trained to not let people choose all on their own by concern, fear, control, etc.

From the cosmic fractals that flow throughout the universe to the fractals of our bodies (growth, learning, life cycles) to the quantum field fractals, those subatomic particles that influence everything from us to the whole of the universe as things shift, move, and influence one another, the whole of the universe seems to be one of a ceaseless cycle of change.

As I thought about this ceaseless cycle of change and the way that the universe works on both the macrocosm and the microcosm, I began to wonder about healing and the quantum idea that time and space are the same and all time is now. Trying to fit it into an organization and understanding that I could comprehend led me to wonder again about the nature of being, healing, wholeness, and the universe.

If our thoughts/brains are holographic, and we create our reality, and if all time is now, and time and space are one, then it begets certain philosophical questions: 

Can we fully healed at the same time that we are fully broken? 

Can we simply decide to be healed?

 I have read about people, who are healed in an instant, who then go on to lead lives of extraordinary joy, peace, contentment, and purpose. I wonder if these people simply shifted their reality and created it within the quantum fields of their bodies.  Was a cosmic fractal at play? Are they in a particular type of fractal that makes this type of healing instantaneous and on every level, emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual? 

If we decide and truly believe that we are healed, are we? 

Can we do that on every level with just a belief change? 

The biology of belief suggests that we can.  

I haven’t discovered this truth for myself. I really cannot say if or how it actually works, but I know from personal experience that I have healed things with which I have struggled for decades in just a few healing sessions. I have helped clients reach realizations that shifted their entire world and their lives in an instant. I have also had several clients come during a week and all of them were healing very similar issues – thematic healing, as it were, which indicates to me that the universe is lining up around a central type, or theme, of energy to be healed.

I don’t suppose I will really discover the answers for many of the things that I wonder about. I sometimes receive the answers to questions, sometimes I know that a particular question will not be answered, sometimes I figure out that the answer lies within me, and sometimes I know that even if the question is answered, I will not understand the answer itself. Usually, I am simply encouraged to be present, to live this life to the fullest, to enjoy it, and above all to just be.

Really, though, in my heart of hearts the answers wouldn’t satisfy me because there is a magic to it, a mystery that fires the imagination and provides endless philosophical pondering. I sometimes fantasize about attending, the Salons of the 1800s, when people gathered together from all fields of learning to discuss and debate, to study and to teach. I think I would enjoy that very much. 

I certainly fantasize about having tea with the two Brians and Albert while they talk about physics, the nature of reality, and the quantum world – could you imagine being a fly on that wall?

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