LIGHT BOUND, Ch. 20, Pt. 4

Of the LIGHT

Connecting to Divine Source, I bask in the LIGHT and feel free, weightless, and blissful.

The clearer I become inside, the easier it becomes to tap into me, and the more I shine my light, the more it simply dissolves blocks without my conscious effort.

I have learned to tap into the “heart” of Divine Source, which is beyond all physical. I have journeyed so deeply into the LIGHT that there was nothing else. I was of the LIGHT, connected to Divine Source so completely that there was and is no separation; oneness with consciousness. In this state of being I heal myself past, present, future, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. All parts of me are of the LIGHT, and when connected this deeply, my physical body is filled with incandescent LIGHT.

The first part of my life was one of pain, suffering, trauma, belt buckles, hangers, thin tree branches, hitting, twisting limbs, and horrifying violations. My self was small and hurt, but I always just knew with complete assurance that it was wrong and that it was not how it was supposed to be. I also always had faith, even though I struggled at times. I always believed in God and divine love and compassion, and I always knew that there was more. The small self that held to these beliefs was able to allow my adult, divine self to help me heal; heal my history of trauma, pain, anguish, anger, rage, and bitterness and turn that history into a story of triumph over all that held me down, held me back, and hurt me. 

I have a new story: it is one of more joy, ease, contentment, FLOW, and clarity. Oddly enough, healing is rather the opposite of video games. The hardest levels were first, and with each successive level, healing becomes easier and easier so that as I progress I am able to make changes with just a thought and a release. 

Isn’t that remarkable?

I meet and work with people, who have suffered so much, yet are trying as best they can day by day and sometimes minute by minute. Each of us has a light at our center and a higher self that we can tap into to aid us in finding our way. We are all loved more than any of us will perhaps ever know. That love is unconditional, unflinching, and unwavering.

As more and more people wake up to an expanded reality, the more there is the call to return to the deep roots of self and to the wisdom of nature and the universe. We have always been chasing spirituality, even modern science at its core is the pursuit of spirituality, in my opinion.

None of us can ever realize the whole of an individual regardless of how long or how deeply we know them to include ourselves. There is always more to people, more than we can always see, hear, or feel: good, bad, beautiful, ugly, darkness and incandescence. It’s all there and more. Sometimes, people can surprise me in good ways. Sometimes, people can shock me in bad ways. The best is when I can surprise myself with my strength, courage, compassion, and acceptance.

The axiom love heals all wounds is one I truly and deeply believe in: the more I learn to accept and love myself just as I am, the more resonance and contentment I find in being present. 

Relaxation is also an incredibly huge part of spirituality. The more relaxed I am, the easier everything else is.

My purpose, like everyone else is to simply shine my light so that others can begin to experience the wonder, contentment, and peace of being a light, too.

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