Over the last year I have been making some deep shifts, discovering more and more my voice, and traveling ever deeper into myself and the field. My journey is taking me in new directions with new opportunities to try new things. One of those new things is a podcast. The blog, which many of you follow (thank you!) is becoming the Attune to You podcast, the first episode of which releases tomorrow Thursday, December 9th with a new episode releasing the second and fourth Thursday of each month. I am excited, nervous, and thrilled.

The Attune to You podcast is a dive into the intersection of energy, matter, reality, and the infinite possibilities of you. Here we aspire to connect, learn, and grow through stories, skills, and tools that help you connect more deeply to yourself for developing more ease, clarity, capability, and insight.

I hope you’ll join me. You can find the feed and the episodes (audio only) on my website at

Episodes will be featured on Apple, Google, and Spotify.

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