The Spiritual Path

Walking the spiritual path isn’t easy. There are many blessings, but there are also many challenges. Whether you are just awakening or have been on the journey for years, you are moving towards becoming your best self and living your best life. Learning how to release energies, such as cords, contracts, and repeating patterns and programs, as well as how to safely boundary and journey is a big part of it.

Learn the languaging for the experiences and how to wisely discern as you contract, expand, grow, and become in alignment with your SELF and self. Come into more and more of the space of the compassionate heart: speaking and acting from the heart is a key part of the journey towards embodying all that you are and all that you will become.

Learn to tune into yourself and all of your intuitive capabilities for discernment, healing, and expansion.

If you are seeking help with your spiritual awakening or path to overcome blocks, to heal, and to more deeply understand the core influences of higher SELF (soul), ancestral line healing, past life, journeying (within consciousness or astrally), symbology, subtle energies, the chakras, mind, body, and emotions on your life and the sum total of your experiences, you can receive spiritual mentoring to assist you to understand and enlighten your being, your vibration, your consciousness and awareness and to live a fuller more thriving life.

I offer spiritual mentoring to help people to connect more deeply to themselves and all that is so that they can move forward on their own unique path with more clarity, ease, and understanding of the interconnectedness and interplay of energy and matter.

I also offer classes that help people to tune into themselves and all that is for a richer and deeper connection and understanding of energy, matter, consciousness, and awareness that include a wide variety of practices for healing and growth.

Tune Into You © Classes & Workshops

Classes provide a deep understanding of how you work – your mind, body, emotions, and spirit; intuition; connecting to yourself and all that is; energy; healing; spirit guides; journeying; symbols; awareness; and so much more. In each class you delve into yourself through many “hands on” practices and learn a plethora of ways to deeply engage with your own spirituality for more clarity, ease, understanding, grounding, centering, balancing, and self healing.

Chakra Connections: Beginner to Advanced

Tune Into You: Beginner to Advanced

Reiki Attunement Classes: Beginner to Advanced

Past Life Journey

Journey into Your Inner Garden

If you are seeking healing, I offer many healing modalities to include past life and ancestral line healing. You can learn more about me and contact me for a free 15-minute phone call.

Let’s connect.

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