Ash Marshall-O’Dell

I am a Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master and Teacher, intuitive, empath, student and teacher. Archetypes, symbols, sacred geometry, quantum physics, energy work, crystals, and tarot are all important aspects and tools of my practice.

I love to learn, to teach, to have fun, to find the joy in the experience, and to change and grow. Using or creating tools that are both beautiful and healing fulfill me deeply. I love making oil blends that help with chakra work and making energy tools and art that are as useful as they are gorgeous: Soul Art. Whether it’s painting or drawing for myself or creating for others, Soul Art is always about energy flow, symbology, archetypes, and making meaning so that we can connect to ourselves in a way that helps us move forward.

Ready to get some relief from the stress and pain and receive insights so you can move forward?

I specialize in helping clients let go of pain and stress and in discovering what’s needed so that they can move forward.

Locating the places within that will benefit the most from healing work, I also provide insights into the next steps so that clients have a solid plan to help them make choices that will benefit them the most.

Freedom from pain and stress is absolutely life changing: knowing next steps to help you get there is unbelievably helpful and stress-reducing, itself.

If you would like to learn more or are ready to undertake your own healing journey, please let me know how I can help. I offer private sessions, classes, workshops, and healing tools for use at home.

Contact me to schedule a free, 15-minute phone call.



The circle represents wholeness, and the zigzag lines are symbols of Universal energy. The point down triangle means to receive, and the Triskelion, has to do with the power of the number three: mind, body, spirit; mental, emotional, physical; past, present, future; and maiden, mother, crone. The Triskele epitomizes power through transition and growth; it is all about letting go & flow. When I designed this logo, I was intensely drawn to these symbols. They resonate with me both personally & professionally. My passion and my purpose are to assist others with the three-fold process of healing – finding the root of the issue, assisting the client in letting it (the issue/energy blockage) go, and restoring the flow of energy so that the client feels lighter. Sacred Journey – the freedom to move forward.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Reiki? 
Reiki, pronounced ray-key, is an alternative healing modality developed in Japan by Mikao Usui in the 1920s. Usui spent years traveling the world, studying healing modalities. He became a Buddhist monk and during a retreat underwent a transformative experience. This experience led to the development of the healing modality that we know as Reiki. Usui trained people in Reiki, and eventually, Reiki spread around the world. 
Today, about 1.5 million people use Reiki, ~26% of hospitals offer Reiki, and Reiki is one of the most-studied healing modalities. In fact, energy medicine in general is the subject of a number of leading university studies, including Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Berkley, and Duke, just to name a few.
Reiki treats the whole person energetically for physical, mental, & emotional healing. Reiki taps into energy that is contained within us and all around us. Humans, animals, plants, the earth, the air, the entire universe – all have a vibration, which we can actually measure and quantify. 
By raising the energy, or vibration, in a person, we stabilize and positively affect the energetic functions of the body. Since everything in the body is energetic, Reiki works to clear out the lower vibrating energies so that we can function more optimally.
2.  Is Reiki a religion?
No, Reiki is not a religion. It is a form of energy medicine, an energetic practice like Qigong. It is in fact compatible with every religion and spiritual practice, supporting each person’s belief system.
3. Is Reiki harmful?
Reiki is completely safe for everyone. It is a gentle and nurturing healing modality that works with each individual’s energy system, treating the root cause of issues. Reiki allows us to let go of the negative things that are holding us back from feeling our best.
4. Can anyone do Reiki?
Yes, anyone can do Reiki once a person is attuned by a Reiki master.
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