Soul Art Energy Catchers 

I love to learn, to teach, to have fun, to find the joy in the experience, and to change and grow. I also love making oil blends that help with chakra work and making energy tools and art that are as useful as they are gorgeous: Soul Art. Whether it’s painting or drawing for myself or creating for others, Soul Art is always about energy flow, symbology, archetypes, and making meaning so that we can connect to ourselves, release, and heal in a way that helps us move forward.

Yellow Barite, Agate, & Copper Energy Catcher

The yellow barite center stone is a magnet for high frequency energies and is especially helpful for dream states and in conjunction with the agates enhances dream states perceptions. The agates also stabilize emotions & strengthen self-confidence.  The energy radiates outwards in a gentle flow. Great to hang beside your bed! 

Raw Agate & Copper Energy Catcher

The raw agate gently soothes and stabilizes emotions while strengthening self-confidence. The copper conducts energy back and forth between the aura and the crystals – enhancing the properties of the crystals. 

Rhyolite, Agate, Jet, & Copper Energy Catcher  

Rhyolite helps promote self- esteem, worth, and respect, and in conjunction with the soothing agate and the protective jet works on the chakras. The copper disperses and enhances the grounding energies and increases esteem. The energy moves outward in a focused beam. 

Copper and Oregon Beach Heart Stone 

The Central heart stone sends strong grounding energy throughout the body and out the feet chakras, firmly connecting you to the earth.  Copper gently pulls the energies and provides even more grounding.

Moon & Stars Hematite Silver Energy Catcher

Silver healing properties are strongest during the full and new moon; it is protective, and enhances the moon energy of the central crystal that works on our feelings center – the sacral chakra. The hematite supports boldness and confidence, as well as boosting self-esteem.

Rhyolite and Copper Energy Catcher

Rhyolite promotes self- esteem, worth, and respect. Copper grounds, enhances the energy of the rhyolite, and conducts the energy back and forth between the aura and the crystal. 

Available at

C&H Family Jewels Rock & Lapidary

4270 NE Blanchard LaneDayton, Oregon

Also, available at

The Crystal Crossroads

901 F Bratscher Rd. Ste F Newberg, OR 97132

Black Kyanite and Hematite with Silver: clears block energies of all the chakras while grounding and energizing. The hematite clears confusion and balances the auric field while grounding higher energy frequencies into the body.

Jade and Fancy Jasper: Jade is a heart healing stone with a harmonious growth of chi (heart energy). Fancy jasper helps calm and focus the mind for an intellectually powerful way to see into the past while maintaining connection to the heart.

Amethyst and Swarovski Crystals: Amethyst is a powerful spiritual protector and purifier. It is perfect for helping to create a calm and peaceful environment.

Jasper and Czech glass Sun Catcher: The jasper helps to calm fear and worry, allowing you to solve problems with a more linear approach while the beautiful colors allow your gaze to soften and your mind to relax.

Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone, and Swarovski crystals: The protective Amethyst works in concert with the Rainbow moonstone, which also helps you achieve harmony and transform negative energies. It is especially helpful with the energy surge of the full moon.

Shelley Hendricks Thomas and I have teamed up to create beautiful and powerful art. We are hard at work making a plethora of others – different styles with different stones for specific purposes.

Everything is vibrating energy, including our bodies and crystals. Crystals heal the chakras’ energies.  When our energy is vibrating at a higher frequency, we feel better in every respect – mentally, emotionally, and physically. For more information check out the blog posts Emotions and Vibrations,  How do we clean and clear the chakras in our bodies with crystals?, and Crystal Calm.


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