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Pranic Reiki™ Certified Master & Teacher Training – OR

July 12 & 14 – 16, 2023 Registration Fee: $695

Magickal Ladybug Haven Open Air Venue & AirBNB

21315 NE HWY 240 Newberg, OR 97132

Only 7 spots available!

Registration is open! Reserve your spot: $250. Balance Due $445 is due July 7, 2023. Pay in full – $695

Register and pay below – bottom of this page.

Wellness Workshop 

Stress is a major contributor to disease, ailments, and less optimal health and wellbeing. Learn about the roles of hormones, brainwaves, and body systems in the stress response and how some easy, highly effective tools and practices can bring down your stress levels for better biological, physiological, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Discover more ease, clarity, insight, and body relaxation so you can choose what best serves you and every situation in your life with more calm. Learn how to tune into your body and release stress, muscle tension, and mental/emotional overwhelm as you practice the skills and tools you’ll learn in the workshop. Bring a notebook and pen.

Rescheduling this workshop for McMinnville to later this year. I will offer it this summer – stay tuned!

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