Virtual Workshops

Free 20-minute talks via Zoom, beginning Thursday, April 2 at 12:30 PM

Body Talk: Gain a fresh perspective on you and your body. Learn how you can begin to influence your internal workings for a healthier you. These talks are science-based and focus on epigenetics, cell communications, and frequency. 

April 2: If these walls could talk – did you know that your cell walls do?

I have had some incredibly serious impacts to my health over the years, starting at age 8. I have learned a lot through research into the human body. Learning about myself and how my body works was empowering. It allowed me to make decisions that benefitted me and my health and to wield more control over my mind, body, and emotions for better overall health. 


Join me for a fun and interesting look into your body via Zoom.

Topic: Body Talk: If these walls could talk – did you know that your cell walls do?

Time: Apr 2, 2020 12:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 935 365 7311

April 9: Who’s in charge? Me or my DNA? The answer may surprise you.

April 16: We are all hackers. Hacking the system.

April 23: The Energy of You – Frequencies and the negative and positive within and without.

April – May Workshops

Archetypal Healing: Understanding the Underlying Roles of the Human Psyche

Playing Hide & Seek with You Shadow: The Role of Feelings and Instincts in Your Life – Becoming Conscious of the Unconscious

Baggage: The Role of Thoughts, Feelings, and Beliefs in the Body. We often experience this baggage as physical pain. Learn all about the cycle and how to begin to change that cycle.

Essential Oils of Plants Workshop. Your garden, spice drawer, and refrigerator have a host of healing plants and herbs. Learn about treatment options, how to prepare treatments, and the variety of options available. There’s a plant for that!

Crystals, Sacred Geometry, and Quantum Physics Workshop. Learn about energy, vibrations, and the body.

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