Pranic Reiki©

Pranic Reiki© is Divine LOVE of the Mother, of the Goddess, and the balancing and deep grounding of that love within the individual. Pranic Reiki© aids the prana, chakra, and kundalini systems to heal towards greater clarity, balance and alignment for better and better well being as you undergo greater and greater spiritual integration of the Divine Goddess within the sum total of your experience – mind, body, and spirit. Pranic Reiki© balances and harmonizes core influences of air, fire, water, and earth. It is LOVE between upper and lower Divine Spiritual energies as well as the human energies of masculine and feminine that exist within each of us. It is experiencing and understanding the Divine Feminine within and without.

Pranic Reiki© grounds your energies even as it works on ancestral, karmic, past life, and current life issues for healing, ancestral line clearing, and karmic balance. Each cycle of expansion and contraction is aided by Pranic Reiki© to help you move forward with more ease, insight, clarity, and alignment with Spirit. The sensations, thoughts, emotions, and energies of each of these bring forth a wealth of self understanding.

The nature of Pranic Reiki© is pure connection of the practitioner and client to Divine Source and Mother Earth directly. This connection cannot be overstated because Divine Source LIGHT is the highest vibration, and Mother Earth vibration is the deepest grounding of these energies into the human body. Together these energies provide the highest and deepest states of healing, clarity, insight, and benefit to the individual.

Learning to serve your deepest and highest good is of the utmost importance not only for the spiritual journey, but for living life because you living your life is spiritual. Becoming your authentic self, deciding to choose according to your deepest and highest good, and learning to speak and act from the heart are key steps in the alignment of your truth.

Each person’s truth is his or her own – the path to truth and to deeper and deeper truths requires much of the individual to include openness, willingness, acceptance, and compassion on successively deeper levels of awareness. It is a progression and happens in accordance with Divine plan and time. To be in FLOW (freedom, love, openness, and wonder) with the self and SELF is to embrace all parts of the self with complete love and acceptance while being willing to heal and hold compassion for the self and others as you cycle through transitions and change. Cycles are both positive and negative, meaning you both bring in and release. Both also hold equal part in the self and both have equal value, knowledge, and understanding of self within and without.

Learning the self is both the greatest challenge and the greatest reward.

Pranic Reiki© is an aid that helps you meet the challenges of the journey and embrace the rewards of the self.

Pranic Reiki© Ignition and Attunements

Attunement to the Pranic Reiki© symbols requires a master level attunement of at least nine months prior to a Pranic Reiki© ignition and attunement. The Pranic Reiki© ignition and attunement requires no physical contact or even direct presence of the teacher and can be completed over live feed via the internet. The symbols are directly attuned to the person’s heart, hands, and full body from crown to root. The first symbol is ignited and instilled in the individual and the flame itself grows, according to the requirements of the individual that serve that individual’s deepest and highest good.

Pranic Reiki© is a deeply personal connection of you to the self and to the Divine Feminine and Divine Source. This connection aids you to transmute, transform, and transcend!

Classes to Be Announced!

Hours Mon, Tue, and Wed: 10 - 3 and 6 - 7:30 PM | Thur: 10 - 1:30 and 6 - 7:30 PM | Fri: 10 - 4 PM | Sat: 9 - 12 PM
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