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These classes are post attunement to Pranic Reiki™. During these virtual classes receive support through transitions as you transmute, transform, & transcend.


This class is post attunement to Pranic Reiki™. During this virtual class receive support through transitions as you transmute, transform, & transcend.

Pranic Reiki™ is the next evolution of healing the self – ancestral, past life, karmic, body, mind, and spirit. Pranic Reiki™ brings ever greater connections and expansion and contraction so that you become more your essential self – your authentic self. Pranic Reiki™ is an ever deeper dive into you and all that is. Pranic Reiki™ Mastery Classes assist you to connect with more ease, insight, and understanding as you undergo the transformations and transcendances through each cycle.

In Pranic Reiki™ Mastery Class, we delve ever more deeply into the energy of you and your relationship to all that is, to understanding energy/vibrations/light, how to work with the energy within the framework of yourself and your own capabilities, as well as tuning more deeply into yourself, your potential, your capabilities, and your capacity. We discuss vibration, the universe/dimensions/realities, and you as a multiplicity; embodied versus disembodied; best practices for healing self and others; and energy information in the universe.

This class provides many hands-on practices and guided meditations to help you to tune ever deeper into yourself as well as all that is.

We also discuss and practice the deeper connections to Source, Mother Earth, Spirit, akashic record, past/present/future you within the context of healing, Earth and star chakras, and kundalini. We focus on the Clairs, or extra sensory capabilities; energy information downloads and intuition; thought forms; symbology; archetypes; platonic solids and the chakras; energy algorithm meditative art; protection practices; matter and energy; universal healing; spirit guides; working with your parts; and a plethora of other advanced practices, skills, and perspectives to help you expand.

Class is 90 minutes.

You will receive worksheets via email to assist you with guided practices at home at the end of each class.

Class are virtual, once monthly via Zoom
* Pranic Reiki™ Mastery Class 1 – Saturday, February 18th, 2023 from 1 – 3 PM


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