Tune Into You 4 Class Package



Class 1: Energy processing, symbols, Platonic solids and Metatron’s Cube, spirit guides, and tuning into your internal guidance

Class 2: Energy mapping, journeying within (the elements and the practice for deeper connection to your journey), and all about energy downloads, portals, and dimensions

Class 3: Quantum physics, multiplicity and potentiality, universal laws, consciousness and leveling up, and practices to help you become more aware and deeply connected.

Class 4:
Emotions in the body, current life, past life, soul retrievals, healing modalities, expanded protection practices, and best practices for healing as you gain a broader understanding.

Each class includes numerous “hands-on” practices.


Sign up for all four classes and save $100.

Master Class 1 June 12, 2021 1 – 4 PM PST

Master Class 2 June 26, 2021 1 – 4 PM PST

Master Class 3 July 10, 2021 1 – 4 PM PST

Master Class 4 July 17, 2021 1 – 4 PM PST


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