What is it and how does it work?

Reiki is one of the most widely studied alternative healing modalities. It is used in hospitals, in massage rooms, and in the development of individuals’ spirituality. It has actually been called the gateway to spirituality. Reiki works on the mind, body, emotions, and spirit of each individual to clear out blocks, patterns, and programs energetically and since all things are energy to include the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, every person benefits in so many ways.

Reiki clears out the nadis and chakras or prime meridians in the body, allowing greater flow of energy throughout the body. The more energy flowing through the body, the better the person feels. Reiki helps people to tune more deeply into themselves and to attune to their spirit so that they begin to access the many possibilities and potential that resides in the spirit of each person to live their best lives.

Reiki aids each person to learn, grow, and become their most authentic selves and provides a strong platform from which to launch towards the embodiment of the higher self, to access deeper truths, and to live according to each person’s deepest and highest good with more awareness, clarity, insight, and ease.

Reiki is a beautiful healing modality that alleviates suffering, stress, and dis – ease. It is empowering in that each person is attuned to the frequencies of Reiki, which provides access to higher and higher states of vibrational awareness and growth within and without. The power of Reiki is instilled in each person’s heart, hands, and body. Reiki grows with you and is effective and yet gentle, working on multiple levels to assist you to transmute, transform, and transcend.

The relationship to yourself, to others, and to the world and cosmos all benefit. It is a deeply calming and soothing healing modality that enhances self empowerment and self actualization as it releases you from painful blocks, protects your energy, and promotes positive outcomes in all areas.

Reiki classes not only attune you and ignite you to the power of Reiki, they also help you to develop your own psychic capabilities and access new ones. Learn about the quantum field of energy, the body, the higher Self, or spirit, and all the interconnections that exist within and without. The deeper you go on your healing journey, the more you grow and become. 

One of the other wonderful other things about Reiki is that isn’t tied to any religious or spiritual beliefs – it supports all and helps you to develop and deepen your relationship to the Divine and to yourself. Plus, with Reiki you can help others with their own healing journeys. Reiki works from a distance or in person, and it is a completely natural and easy healing modality that requires no previous healing knowledge or experience. Therefore, it is perfect for beginners, no matter what your background is.

Reiki helps heal the past and the present. Feel better and better as you journey into you with the power of Reiki!

New Classes Coming Fall 2023

First & Second Degree Reiki is the foundation from which you will grow into yourself more and more. Learn the basics of Reiki, the prime meridian systems with both the physical and energetic associations. Be attuned to the first two symbols, learn how to sense, understand, and heal with energy, or vibrations. You’ll also learn about the quantum field and how to begin to access the energy information within and without as you learn many new skills and tools with lots of hands on practices.

Holy Fire Reiki is the rocket launch to a whole new level of vibrational awareness and frequency. You’ll be ignited to the power of holy fire, be attuned to the distance symbol, and learn a whole new set of skills and practices even as we delve deeper into the energy field within and without for greater clarity, insight, healing, and self actualization. Knowledge is power, self knowledge is empowerment!

Pranic Reiki™ attunements you to ten new symbols that deepen your healing practices to a level that evolves your being mind, body, emotions, and spirit. Pranic Reiki™ balances, clears, heals, and establishes a deep connection to the goddess and to Divine Source. The power of this connection cannot be overstated and it is through this deeply personal connection that healing occurs on multiple levels at even greater depths. Past life, ancestral, and karmic healing are all part of Pranic Reiki™. You’ll receive advanced training in healing and psychic development, participate in many hands-on practices, and learn meditations to include past life and shamanic journeys to aid you and your clients to heal on greater levels. Plus, you will begin to master best practices in the application of Pranic Reiki™ with many opportunities to both give and receive Pranic Reiki™ on the ignition day and during the three-day class. Tune into you and the power of Pranic Reiki™ to further transform all your relationships to include the one to yourself. 

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