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Book sessions directly with me or through The Clover Clinic’s website: You can also call me at (405) 697-1407 or The Clover Clinic directly at (503) 487-6018.

Please note that there are limited in-person sessions. I require that all clients wear a mask for in-person work. All sessions have a 30-minute window in between so that the office and space can be completely disinfected with medical wipes that kill all viruses.

Healing Sessions

90-minute sessionIn this extended session I address the top priority issues
for whole body healing and flow.

I provide insights and instructions at the end of the
session for continued after care.
60-minute sessionIn this one-hour session I work on a couple of high priority
issues for healing.

I provide insights and instructions for continued after care.
30-minute session Relax and let go of stress and anxiety.
Chakra balancing and alignment helps you feel rejuvenated.
30-minute sessionPrime Meridian Touch Point: pressure point therapy provides
pain relief and increases health through healthy flow of
interstitial, lymph, and plasma fluids. Together these fluids
bring nutrients and oxygen, remove waste products, and keep
our immune system working effectively. By alleviating
inflammation, our pain decreases because inflamed tissue
is no longer pressing on the nerves, which is what signals
the pain.
30-minute sessionEssential Oils Healing Therapy: The skin absorbs the oils,
which providepain relief, inflammation reduction, and mental
relaxation through both inhalation & topical absorption.
30-minute session Prime Meridian Touch Point & Essential Oils Healing Therapy
Combining these two therapies has a deeply healing affect on
the mind and body. The skin absorbs the oils, which provide
pain relief, inflammation reduction, and mental relaxation
through both inhalation & topical absorption with the added
benefit of pressure point therapy.

Crystal Healing

30-minute session Lie back and relax as crystals gently and effectively cleanse
your body of energy blockages so your body can function
more effectively.

Crystal & Reiki Healing

60-minute session Crystals amplify the healing energy of Reiki as they work
together to release energy blockages as well
as stuck stress, anxiety, and muscle tension and tightness.

In this one-hour session I address a couple of areas.

I balance and align the seven primary chakras to help
promote healthy flow throughout the body.
30-minute sessionTogether the crystals and Reiki release blockages from your
seven primary chakras. I also balance and align these
chakras to help restore optimal functionality.

Reading with Aura & Chakra Clearing

30-minute session Do you feel blocked, heavy, stuck, and stressed, but can’t
figure out what the issue is or perhaps how to let it go?

I specialize in helping clients figure out the root, or roots,
of the issue and in this aura & chakra clearing session, you
begin to let go of what is holding you back and keeping you

Feel lighter, freer, peaceful, and get clarity.


25% Discount (All Reiki & Crystal Services) for Teachers, Nurses, & Military Personnel, Active & Veteran *Excludes promotions

A Special Note:
Teachers, Nurses, and Military Personnel work hard and devote themselves mentally, physically, and emotionally to their jobs. They carry many burdens, and they care for and serve so many people.
I would like to offer all Teachers, Nurses, and Military Personnel (active & veteran)  a 25% discount on all services to include the 3 one-hour Healing Sessions Special. This discount equals $37.50 a session for the 3 one-hour package and is simply a small way that I can say thank you for all that they do.
Location The Clover Clinic 1530 E. First Street Newberg, OR 97132 Phone (405) 697 - 1407 E-mail Hours Mon & Fri: 9 am - 4 pm | Tue: 10 am - 4 pm | Thur: 11 am - 6:00 pm | Sat: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm | Closed: Sun & Wed
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