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All sessions are conducted via Google Meets or Zoom. Once you have booked your service, please complete your booking by selecting the session type and duration below the booking form. Thank you for your patience as my site grows!

I look forward to connecting with you!

Energy Healing Sessions

In each session, we chat about your concerns and where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically. During the session, I talk you through each step of the process to ensure you are relaxed and at ease as I help you to:

release blocks, patterns, and programs

alleviate suffering

gain clarity and more ease

align and balance your energy for optimal wellbeing

New clients must book an initial ninety-minute session for client intake, to discuss all areas of concern, and to develop a healing plan.

90-minute Session


60-minute Session


Spiritual Mentoring

Dive deep into the metaphysical – from beginner to advanced you will attain languaging for experiences and how to tune into the liminal space for a better, broader, and deeper awareness of energy and matter.  Develop your understanding of your personal experience for more clarity and insight. Learn how to tap into energy information and grow in confidence, capability, and skills for grounded enlightenment and alignment.

There are a multiplicity of connections amongst biology and physiology, intuition, healing, boundaries, and the core influences of mind, body, and spirit, as well as a plethora of practices that you will learn to develop your intuition: the intersection of energy, matter, reality, and infinite possibilities so that you can flow forward with more ease, energy, and empowerment.

Mentorship Program

4-session package with a bonus one-hour healing session.


Spirituality Mentoring Initial Session

New to spirituality: the first session is deeply discounted. In this beginner session, get to know me, ask questions, and gain an understanding of spirituality and the relationship between yourself and all that is.


Questions? Please select a free 15-minute chat in the services calendar.

Questions? Contact me – I look forward to connecting!

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