Spiritual Mentoring Testimonial: Manya

Amber Cook’s podcast review of her Pranic Reiki™ session with me.

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I had my first Reiki levels 1 & 2 Attunements and training with Ash Marshall- O’Dell Reiki Master June 10 & 11, 2023. The training was outstanding. Ash is extraordinary in her awareness of what was required for me. I work with Energy, Frequency, Beings’ and Bodies’ Biofield and physical bodies. I chose Reiki as another Energy tool to work with for myself, family and clients. I received more information than was in the book, which was on a higher level required by me. She tested me, both written and physically, so I would know how to work with this Energy. She taught me how to apply Reiki to other tools I know and have for even more effective changes and clearing in my client’s bodies and Energy fields. Ash is a gift. I am so very grateful and appreciate her sharing her gifts with me. This training was an amazing experience for me! I highly recommend Ash Marshal-O’Dell for Reiki Attunements and Training Levels 1 & 2. Outstanding! -Melodee Von

After my session with Ash I felt a sense of peace and rejuvenation. The past few weeks since my session I’ve been integrating parts of myself I previously felt I could not love and accept. I was feeling stuck and frustrated with myself. Since my session I’ve felt compassion for myself, been patient with myself, and can feel transformation happening everyday. I’m beyond grateful the love, support and guidance Ash has given me! She is amazing! -Sarah Hedal

My session with Ash was very helpful and very revealing. She helped me see where in my life I was stuck as well as how to move on. She is a very gifted individual and I would highly recommend her to anyone on their healing journey. -Kaitlin Dell

Ash is a true gem. Through her Pranic Reiki and insightful intuition, she taught me how to tune into myself and the tension in my body to gently release old baggage from my past. Her Sacred Journey reading was beneficial in knowing where to focus my energy for my deepest learning and growth. If you’re looking for deeper spiritual growth and/or inner
healing, I highly recommend connecting with Ash. Her gentle and loving nature is perfect for healing. -Danielle Isaac (email)

I recently received a Pranic Reiki session from Ash. I felt so calm and relaxed after our session. Ash also guided me on a meditation where I received from my Guides a message of clarity and deep wisdom concerning a challenge that I am currently facing on my life’s journey. Thank you Ash! -Willow Heveron

I recently attended a women’s retreat and feel so grateful to have met Ash. She is brilliant, kind, incredibly knowledgeable, a natural healer and one of my new favorite powerful women! I’m so grateful she shared her expertise and inspiration with us. Game changer 💕🤩🧚‍♀️ HIGHLY RECOMMEND -Cindy Aggson

I contacted Ash after a challenging experience from which my nervous system was having a hard time calming down. After two of her virtual healing sessions, I’ve felt clearer, more peaceful and way less tense. Ash is compassionate and kind, yet very confident and powerful in the delivery of her work. I know this is deep, deep healing work and am excited and grateful to continue working with Ash. Highly recommend! -Madeleine Eno

Ashley is immensely knowledgeable, intuitive, witty and kind. Her ability to explain the process and guide me to the understanding I need to move forward is fantastic. I left the Pranic Reiki session with her feeling lighter, very relaxed and with some tools and tasks to continue with for follow through. I would highly recommend her! -Molly Elkins

My session with Ash was extremely rewarding. I was able to release heavy emotions I have been carrying with me in what felt like a rapid way. She was able to clear energies that other reiki practitioners were not able to access. -Jane Allen

Ash is an incredible healer. I just had my first healing session with her and she helped me move through some stuck energy. I already feel ligher and more free. She is comforting, patient, and kind. I highly recommend booking a session with her and exploring the man facets of healing. Thank you Ash. -Lauren Tava

Ash has so much to offer! She’s full of light and generously shares her experiences and understanding. She is articulate and engaging, has lovely curriculum and can gracefully navigate any level of audience. I will be taking more classes with Ash and high recommend tuning in! -Anna King

I have had the honor of working with Ash twice so far. Both experiences were exceptionally healing and full of information for me. One of the times that I met with her for energy work and guidance, she also made a personalized crystal grid for me, for protection. I highly recommend Ash for anyone in need of guidance or healing. I will definitely be working with her in the future. -Elene Rose

Ash has such has lovely presents. Although my session was via video, I felt she was completely connected and able to do her work without issue. She has such a grounded, fun, and healing energy and sent me on my way with homework to continue the healing process at home. Thanks, Ash, for such an authentic experience -Michele Hislop

Not only is Ash an amazing person, but she is also an incredible teacher. She is a plethora of knowledge just bursting to share the information she holds with you. I have taken a number of her classes and have enjoyed them greatly. You leave wanting to pick her brain more and the best part she actually has more to share. I highly recommend Ash and her classes. You won’t regret signing up. -Liisa Petrocchi

My Reiki session with Ash was Amazing! Her perceiving of energies and articulating what she perceived was very adept. We went deep and had fun. This contributed to my body and my being. I was more enlightened and felt my energy shift. Thank you Ash! I highly recommend Reiki with Ash! -Melodee Von

Ash is an amazing healer and I can’t give her enough praise. I’ve never felt more safe or compassionately cared for when seeking treatment, and she gently guided me through the experience of her work with practiced ease. After her help, I feel a weight lifted off my shoulders and my heart is more open. If you are reading this, I hope you book a session with Ash, because you certainly won’t regret it, and you will benefit in ways you didn’t know were possible. -Nick Forsberg

Update: Ashley O’Dell is also a professional Reiki Master/energy healer. In only three sessions the pain I was experiencing in my body was gone! (It also helped my mental health!) I had a crystal aura reading a few months ago and found it helpful, informative and enlightening. She is gifted and talented in her expertise. I highly recommend her!

First review: Ash is truly a gifted healer. Her intuitive insight is spot on, and she has the ability to see, read and understand what is going on in your body that is causing pain, emotional stress, or other ailments that you are seeking answers too. She has helped me unravel some mysteries pertaining to my personal health and well being. Her Reiki treatments are so powerful, and I had a positive outcome on my first visit. Her knowledge of Crystals is outstanding, and her aura readings are so accurate you will want to tell your family about it. I did! -Teffany Ingram

Ashley’s prowess as an essential oil “mixologist” is beyond impressive. I have recently been experiencing the most acute rosacea flare-up I’ve ever had. These are extremely painful and the cosmetic effects are demoralizing. None of my prescribed treatments (including steroids) gave me any relief and I suffered for over a week. Within only two days of following Ash’s advice and applying her special blend of oils topically, I have seen a 60% improvement. I am definitely a forever client! -Jen Orgaard

 I highly recommend Ash, she has amazing abilities. I loved the time I spent with her. -Jane Stanton

Ashley knows her stuff! Amazing insight, highly skilled and knowledgeable! you will come away feeling encouraged and empowered! -Molly Elkins

Ashley has such a peaceful spirit. She’s a deep listener with a strong knowledge of the healing properties of essential oils and crystals which complements her skills as a Reiki Master. She’s a truly gifted healer! -Kim Bontrager

Ash is a gifted healer, she helped me in a positive life changing way. I am grateful for her work. -Linda Macmillan

Update: I recently had a virtual healing appointment with Ash done from the comfort of my home. It was truly as if she were in the room with me. We did some deep work and I could feel the energy shifts and light work. When the appointment was over, I felt the same peaceful energy that I have felt in my in-person appointments.

I encourage you to experience a virtual session for yourself!

First review: Ashley is a gifted practitioner who connects with her clients. She relieved congestion in my throat as well as knee pain I was experiencing. You’ll leave feeling well cared for and cared about. -Shelley Thomas

Ashley is amazing!! She made me a personal blend of essential oils, mixing oils that would work best for my needs. It was awesome. Loved the scent and immediately helped me feel more relaxed and calm. Thank you Ash!! -Melissa Brown

Ash is amazing to work with – her intuitive insight is pretty incredible. I’ve also attended a few of her workshops and I always walk away having learned so much! -Tiersa Jergesen

Today, I attended the Muscle Testing Workshop with Ash and it was very informative. I knew a little about Muscle Testing before but, I wanted to learn more in detail which I found in Ash’s workshop training. I feel more confident to practice muscle testing of dietary supplements/food not only for myself but, also for my clients. I would highly recommend her classes to anyone who has an interest in learning more! Thanks so much. -Sheila Johnson

The class was very insightful and practical. I loved the hands on. This was a great way to spend our anniversary celebration! -Brandy Johnson

I have had the most amazing experience with Ash. I had never tried Reiki before but was very curious about how it could help me. After meeting Ash a few times at events, I felt very comfortable with her and felt she would be the perfect practitioner for me and my family. My first session was without words the most healing and calming experience I could have imagined. Since then, Ash has assisted me in choosing chakra stones and I have even had Ash grid my home with crystals. She is kind, graceful, patient, and knowledgeable. She has so many gifts to share. I couldn’t recommend her more highly!!!! -Kim Forbes

As a child of horrific and traumatic abuse. Ash has brought so much healing to my life. Decades of traditional therapies cannot even match the amount of comfort, peace, and centering calm Ash has opened the door for in our sessions. As the new year opens, if you are hurting and want to reclaim your identity, consider booking a few sessions with this amazing Healer and Lightworker! -Kimmy

The Sacred Journey Chakra Sprays: They were really good- I loved them!! -Tabatha Bird Weaver

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